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  1. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    Thankyou again!
  2. Eliminating your newly installed kexts one by one until you find the offender would be a good place to start. Loading them "correctly" would be my next choice. Neither this lan kext or the new audio kext for the dp35dp gives me a panic. If you don't believe me then try for yourself. I realise this is turning into your personal holy grail and if a panic on shutdown is the price you are prepared to pay then more power to you. The point is booting from an EFI partition and then re-installing a kext after an update just seems a bit easier than your bootloader approach.
  3. I think its because of the way you are loading it. Remove it from your Bootloader partition and install it "correctly". reboot and try shut down. Result?
  4. DP35DP also and no kernel panics. Have you installed this on your OSX drive or on your bootload partition?
  5. Please! I've installed but have been using a boot132 usb drive because of my video cards EFI strings. Thanks for your work!
  6. It has installed fine for me. Some things about my setup that may help you - I am running BIOS0437 This BIOS doesnt like booting generic.iso for some reason so I installed the retail DVD to a separate partition. Made a bootable USB of generic.iso. Removed all graphics kexts. Booted and selected the retail DVD partition and I was away. I have also disabled on board lan and serial port and drives in ahci-mode. Set to boot USB and also set the USB to fixed drive in the BIOS. Hope that helps.
  7. Hi mate. I installed retail yesterday on this board and had the same problem. Remove graphics kexts and you should be fine. I installed by copying Leopard DVD to a partition and booting of a thumb drive containing Generic.iso. Booting off the generic.iso cd gave me corrupt image errors. After install updated via Software Update then patched graphics and sound. Everything working very smoothly.
  8. invalid btree node size

    Same problems here. Not sure if its related but it started just after I had installed MacDrive on the windows partition and was browsing my Tiger drive.