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  1. Not working at its best... How do I check the /verbose logs so i can copy paste the errors here? I get some ACPI_Platform_powermanagement CPUID problem or something like that... saying that powermanagement may not work properly... I get another thing saying something like patch_obj and decryption (will retry) and it just keeps repeating that till dmos is arrived or somethin.. Another thing is that even in arch=i386 , arch=i386 -force 64, any 32 bit mode, 64 bit mode, safari still fails after I did that patch thing showed in the previous posts... It crashes constantly so right now Im using firefox to write this. One more thing how do I get battery to show up in the top right corner? cuz enabling that in system pref didnt work.. Im fairly new to hackintosh btw but Im not completely noob I can run commands and install kexts and stuff. Im using AMD athlon II x64, HP G61. If u tell me where to find these kernel logs, I can post it but other than that I'd have to find my camera to take a pic or write down everysingle one but the screen moves so fast its hard to remember all
  2. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    Well thanks for the responses and help guys got absolutely none but I shall say this: For those like myself without a stinkin USB Mouse or Keyboard: when making your retail dvd, add install ps2 fix to it and add voodookext and apcips2nubkext to extra (Found in my previous post)... when u boot, u will get a bunch of errors about voodoo being unable to load but because of that, appleps2controller will be forcefully loaded. Now u can use your mouse and trackpad to install; when rebooting (right after installing), boot the usb and open terminal type: [color="#00ff00"]cp -r /Volumes/USB/S/L/E/ApplePs2controller.kext /Volumes/HDD/S/L/E[/color] then fix permissions doing: [color="#0000ff"]chmod 755 /Volumes/HDD/S/L/E/ApplePS2controller.kext [color="#ffa500"]chown -r root:wheel /Volumes/HDD/S/L/E/ApplePs2controller.kext[/color][/color][color="#ffa500"]. [/color] Reboot. When booting up use flags [color="#9932cc"]hd(0,1)/mach_kernel -v -f [/color] Use [color="#ff0000"]-x[/color] if first boot unsuccessful. again u will get errors about the stupid voodookext but again it will forcefully cause appleps2controller to load. and u can continue installation to desktop. And then do whatever u want.. follow the tutorial from there. Explanation: USB does not copy the PS2 Kexts to the HDD(MBR Install) so you had to copy it via terminal command above. Dont know why: If I use appleps2controller alone without the voodoo and apcips2nub or whatever its called, The mouse only works for the first part of the setup, after restart, it will say please plugin keyboard and mouse/trackpad wont be working. If I use voodoo only, NOTHING works, not even the first part of the setup! When Using both, Everything works, voodoo does not get loaded but for whatever reason the ApplePs2 forcefully loads and works great! Started doing my hackintosh 2 days ago hoping that would give someone enough time to respond to help me. Guess not but I'll help future ppl who read my post hopefully.
  3. OSX Retail Trackpad

    I'm not exactly sure anyone gets what I wrote or need... Example in ipc ppf5 final, there is a folder /system/installations/packages/OSx86Patches... With a bunch of packages in it. When u boot that DVD, those packages are displayed in the menu allowing u to choose which ones to install. How do I get my retail USB install to do this?? I have made the Osx86Patches folder but when I boot the USB, the packages do not show up on the menu. Anyone know how to do this???
  4. OSX Retail Trackpad

    I had followed this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=227592 I use the USB method. I dont know what the "hd(0,1)/mach_kernel" is for but it doesnt work for me so I use (0,3) instead as thats the partition I have snow installed on.. Anyway I got to boot successfully after installing but I cannot get the mouse nor keyboard to be recognized as it says please attach keyboard or mouse. I tried adding voodoops2controller.kext to my usb in /extra/extensions but when its installing, it gives an error saying failed to load voodoops2kext.. cannot resolve library dependencies... I tried to install ps2fix to the usb and reinstall, when booting still no mouse or keyboard on the snow partition. The biggest thing that is confusing me is that the ps2 fix allows the mouse and keyboard to work while im installing aka when I get to the installer... but when I try to boot to desktop, it never works! Voodoo wont load, gives a duplicate error of appleps2controller or some library dependency error. the keyboard sometimes works but the mouse trackpad mouse has never moved once! Is there anyway to get to install the trackpad kext or voodoo kext so that it works during install and during setup so I wont get that keyboard not found thing? Or at least is there a way to get the trackpad and keyboard working just for setup? Also can anyone explain how distro's allow you to choose what to install? I would like to do that to my usb so I can choose to install ps2 fix from my retail usb install.
  5. Seems to me your kernel or graphics or whatever cannot find any display monitors/ display profiles... U either gotta reinstall the kext or u gotta try n boot with -v -f and see if anything happens.
  6. Hey bro I see lots of views but no one wants to reply, I would say download macdrive 8 and put the bootloader in via windows. u open macdrive, view the osx partition and copy boot to the partition replacing the old bootfile. Note for the instructions below, I assumed u can use ur bootdisk to get into the mac osx desktop right? set mac partition active using diskpart, select disk 0, list partition, select partition #... I see ur familiar with that. do this before doing the following & if u can get into your osx desktop run the following commands: Diskutil List sudo -s cd ~/Desktop/Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-bin make sure the folder contains chameleon in it. fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdiskx where x is the disk number should be rdisk0 if ur dualboot dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskxsn where x is the disk # and n is the partition for osx. example: mine is disk0s2 for disk 0 parition number 2. then u MUST copy the "boot" file to the partition manually Do not copy boot0 or boot1h or anything like that... just the plain "boot" file where as when ur writing the commands it is boot0 I attached everything u need below... it is only rc4 but after that u can easily upgrade to whatever version u want. That should right chameleon to the mbr... then U gotta set windows partition active and fix the mbr by doing a repair ONLY AFTER SETTING IT ACTIVE! After that restart, set mac active again and chameleon should be able to boot both windows and mac hopefully. Chameleon_2.0_RC4_r684_bin.tar
  7. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    Just so u guys know... Im AMD... laptop is an HP G61... This tutorial failed me NOTHING worked. Had to do the following to get past either still waiting on root device or to get past this stupid grey screen!!! The screen was the worst... No apple logo, just plain grey. On top of that the mouse didnt work! my life... Anyway this is what I had to do to get it to boot... its not done installing still HardKnox KEXTS I downloaded all the attachments, followed the tutorial on the first page of this post, Formatted usb MBR, made a partition on my windows machine formated as MBR extended journal installed chameleon rc4 to the usb drive, restored snow leopard retail.dmg to the usb. Im dualbooting so i did the MBR thing... That didnt work so I had to download that Hardknox thing and take the osinstall.mpkg from there and also downloaded the osinstall from the link in the first post. put them in their respective folders as this guide suggests... when I boot, I get that stupid grey screen below. So i had to put the usb back in a mac, copy the kexts from hardknox kexts/snowkexts folder... into /extra/extensions... booted, got past still waiting on root device, got past the grey screen but guess what? NO MOUSE! Put the usb back in the mac, installed that ps2 fix both keyboard and mouse attached below... the mouse works but guess what? Failed to install? wtf?! Ignored it as the guys suggest... tried to continue... so I booted the usb again, select partition, it wont even let me setup now, plain black screen, no mouse, no nothing!... wtf? Right before that.. I saw something bout no dsdt or somethin :S So now what? I guess I gotta try the hd(0,3)/mach_kernel where partition 3 is my snow partition with the failed installation. Update: The hd(0,3)/mach_kernel has gotten me to grey screen with apple logo, have now gotten past that apple logo screen, only to see a screen saying "There isn't a keyboard connected to your computer. Connect your keyboard now." OMG!! Mouse wont even move either :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: :censored2: PS2_Fix.rar
  8. Bought a Hackintosh-Now swimming in DMI Pool

    Have u tried the iPC 10.5.6 PPF5 Final? Try that and see if it works... if it does then u can insert a retail cd, restore it to a usb and change the OSinstall.mpkg to a modified one for MBR booting...
  9. Can't boot...

    Let me explain something.... So far your computer is booting from the mac partition.... What u want is to boot from the windows partition and have the option to choose mac or windows without using the chameleon bootloader so basically u want it to work natively... Either u use EASY BCD or do the following to boot from the windows partition... Insert the windows disk and boot from the cd... next press repair and choose to open command prompt... at command prompt type the following.. Diskpart list disk select disk 0 list partition select partition # (replace # with the partition number windows is on... probably partition 1) set (will set the partition active) Exit Exit Exit that will get u out of command prompt with the things saved.... Reboot and remove the cd or else select boot from hard disk in the bios menu... When it reboots u should have the windows partition as active and should get options if u installed that thing u were doing correctly.... and u will not see the chameleon bootloader... If u want to reverse this, do the same commands but replace # with the partition mac is on and chameleon will boot giving u options... Bye hope I helped, if not, I will reply if I see this post again... off to do more c++
  10. Running Hackintosh in public place

    Is the the HP CQ60-615DX???
  11. Help! Sleepenabler.kext cause crash on boot!

    kk If u have a windows partition, boot into it and install macdrive... itll let u browse the folders on ur mac for future problems... anyway If sleepenabler is bothering u, U have to delete the sleepenabler.kext from either /Extra or from /Systems/Library/Extensions... and then boot with -f that way itll ignore the cache... for some odd reason I just had this friggin problem aswel and what I did was I left sleep enabler in place, I edited my com.apple.boot.plist with macdrive 8 and added the kernel flag pmVersion=20 it booted fine but I didnt want that flag so I just removed the flag after it booted, deleted sleepenabler and just double clicked kext utility to fix the rest for me... It gave something saying prevention removing sleepenabler... so I ran it again and this time it gave no errors... Rebooted with the new cache which kext utility auto updates, and it worked fine... try: sudo rm /system/library/extensions.mkext should remove it
  12. True Realtek LAN cards solution(?)

    WWWOOOOWWWW {censored} thank U!!!!! Nothing ever worked for me.... this worked! now I have Wifi and Lan!! on my AMD didnt have to do any patching... just pressed install package and rebooted and Now I can connect through lan Wifi + lan = choices = Thanx a lot!
  13. Having issues with learning Root Access

    Dont know about you but my folder is located like this in terminal: cd /Mac/Extra Mac is the name of my partition with OSX on it... u can easy of course just click the desktop, look at the top statusbar and then press go... press computer then u will see the Extra folder... Open terminal type: cd then drag and drop the Extra folder into terminal...
  14. IDT Audio....

    Can someone pls hex edit it, I would be glad to do the rest... its just the hex edit part wont show up in hexeditor... it wont find that address... B0761D11
  15. Hackintosh Problems

    System Profiler Shows: No built in audio No PCI cards When running disk utility or anything that makes my computer work (example: Formatting my 16gb usb stick with zero out data, Audio works fine; when moving my mouse or touching the trackpad, audio works fine... Not sure if its because it my hard drive or processor starts sleeping or not... but I have all the sleep options turned off in preferences... Anyone know why it shows no built in audio though?