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  1. Same happens for me. Any solutions?
  2. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    You have to delete the AppleHPET.kext - it conflicts with the Firewire driver. I haven't looked for a patched AppleHPET.kext yet, but I don't really need HPET. Cheers.
  3. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    You should probably use a slightly newer distro. I don't remember how I set up Leopard, but I have sound working on Snow Leopard and accelerated display (had to use old framebuffer drivers but it works great). The WiFi never worked for me, but my M400 came with an unsupported WiFi card anyhow, so I just bought a small USB wireless dongle that works quite well using Ralink drivers.
  4. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    Vanilla with myHack installer.
  5. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    Been working great for me, better than Leopard I think.
  6. Atheros AR5001 on Snow Leopard?

    Wondering about this also.
  7. I wonder what is so different about the retail Apple Macs that they don't have this problem. Does Apple not have any G92 cards? There must be some fundamental difference...
  8. Same problem with iTunes 8.0.2 on 10.5.6 with 9.5.0 voodoo kernel. $ uname -a Darwin Lunch.Home 9.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.5.0: Sat Dec 6 19:39:54 IST 2008; Voodoo; Release 1.0 :xnu-1228.7.58/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386 Process: iTunes [86111] Path: /Applications/iTunes.app/Contents/MacOS/iTunes Identifier: com.apple.iTunes Version: 8.0.2 (8.0.2) Build Info: iTunes-8022001~2 Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [184] Date/Time: 2009-01-05 20:09:50.936 -0800 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55) Report Version: 6 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x000000006e755469 Crashed Thread: 0 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 ??? 0x001f6f36 0 + 2060086 1 ??? 0x00053f71 0 + 343921 2 ??? 0x002a40d6 0 + 2769110 3 ??? 0x002a5a0a 0 + 2775562 4 ??? 0x002a5ad5 0 + 2775765 5 ??? 0x0006d2fb 0 + 447227 <snip> Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit): eax: 0x6e755469 ebx: 0x6e755469 ecx: 0xbffed85c edx: 0x022391c6 edi: 0x00000000 esi: 0xbffedbb0 ebp: 0xbffedad8 esp: 0xbffedad0 ss: 0x0000001f efl: 0x00010206 eip: 0x001f6f36 cs: 0x00000017 ds: 0x0000001f es: 0x0000001f fs: 0x00000000 gs: 0x00000037 cr2: 0x6e755469 Binary Images: 0x8fe00000 - 0x8fe298a3 dyld 0.0 (???) <d1092af4e89e77aa121dd5fb0c855cd9> /usr/ lib/dyld This is an AMD system, very stable. The original install was from Leo4All, but I've "vanillaized" as much as I could.
  9. AD1984 used in Thinkpad X61 and L61 computers

    Any luck with that? I'm trying to the get the AD1984 on my OptiPlex 755 working as well.
  10. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Yes, please always post unified diffs, personally I use "diff -Naur".
  11. alc850 fix

    I have the same question. Some music samples in Digital Performer are set to 44.1 kHz only, and thus they are not heard at all. It's a pain to convert them all to 48.0 kHz, not to mention the quality loss. Does anyone see more options in their Audio Output section of "Audio MIDI Setup.app"? I can only select 48000.0 Hz.
  12. With Revision 6, "About This Mac" is now crashing. This is on an AMD system with 9.2.2 (both kernel / System.kext). It appears that loginwindow.app doesn't like the processor name, "AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+". If the processor name is set to "Unknown", then it works fine. I'd rather have it say Unknown than crash and log me out, so I guess I'll take a look at the source code and see if there is an option to do that. Is there a user option to set the CPU ID? Thanks and great work on this revision, it's awesome!
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone saw anything like this: Tiger: Leopard 10.5.2 before graphics update: Leopard after graphics update: In short, the OpenMarks score dropped from 17428 to 15769, which is quite a significant drop in performance. Frame rates in 3D applications are also lower now. This is on an nVidia 7900 GS. I've heard performance improvements from 8xxx owners, but those who own 7xxx cards, did your performance drop as well?
  14. Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    I tried a PCMCIA card, but I couldn't get the cardbus controller to work in 10.4.10, even after I recompiled the driver with support for this model. If you have any luck let me know. I have yet to try it in 10.5.