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  1. Thanks so much for this DanielFo. Was actually bored one day and browsing through the forums when I saw this and it just so happens I have one of these boxes lying around. You can never have enough macs right? Anyways, all the stuff you provided is top notch but I did run into some slight glitches that I would like to share incase others are running into the same issues. 1. I used a USB thumbdrive for install. 2. After flashing the BIOS, I used your BIOS settings but kept getting Kernel Panics. But after like 5-10 times I managed to get through the installation. 3. Subsequently couldn't boot into Snow Leopard. Tried many times but kept getting KP. 4. Decided to use most basic BIOS settings: JumperFree Config: AI Overclocking: [Auto], disabled LAN, WLAN, Audio, CPU Config: Intel® C-STATE Tech: [Disabled] 5. Managed to boot into Snow Leopard. Installed 10.6.2 update with no issues. Updated all software, ie iTunes, Safari, Java etc etc. 6. Re-enabled BIOS settings: LAN, AUDIO, C-STATE Tech. Could not re-enable AI Overclocking, kept getting KP. (I'm leaving that on AUTO for now) 7. Installed your EeeBox B202 Package, excellent job. 8. Boot failed due to SleepEnabler.Kext in /Extra/Extensions. Used USB to boot into Snow Leopard Installation. Opened up terminal and removed SleepEnabler.Kext. 9. Boot from USB to Harddisk with boot options -v -x -f (at chameleon choice menu, just select the HD and start typing the options, it will appear near the bottom) 10. You should be able to boot into your HD, install Netkas's 10.6.2 SleepEnabler.kext (only works with 10.6.2, will cause KP otherwise). Use Kext Utility or the command line way. 11. Reboot and you should have a fully working Mac Mini with sleep and restart and shutdown and everything else all working fine
  2. VLC Fails to show Video, Audio Works though.

    Had the exact same problem, until I enabled Core Image and Quartz Extreme. You need to get your video fully working.
  3. fixed problem. Edited NVCAP in NVkush.kext changed from 04000100 00000300 0C000000 0000000A 00000000 to 04000000 00000100 0e000000 00000007 00000000 system finally fully working!
  4. I've just did a clean install of 10.5.4 using JaS 10.5.4 release. Everything works except for one thing. I can't get my video card to use the DVI output as the main monitor. It uses the VGA port instead. So if I boot with my monitor connected to DVI output, I get a black screen. here is my system configurations: mobo: asus p5k se (working) video: xfx gf 8600 gt 512mb (VGA and DVI) (fully working with CI/QE using NVkush, but only VGA) sound: onboard (working with ALC883) ethernet: onboard (working with AttansicL1Ethernet) Does anyone know a solution where I can get my video card to use the DVI as the main monitor and not the VGA. Then my setup will be perfect.