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  1. BWR

    APFS support is coming!

    Any updates when this will be pushed to forge.voodooprojects.org?
  2. BWR

    APFS support is coming!

    I am receiving a Memory allocation error when attempting to use this revision. The error text is "Memory allocation error! Addr: 0x0, Size: 0x40, xml.c Line: 1176" This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!!
  3. trying to boot 10.11.5 on my system has only yielded a still waiting for root device error. I am using the Enoch branch of chameleon successfully on my desktop, however the laptop doesn't seem to be able to root. I am using the DSDT that disables the 9200M and it worked flawlessly up to and including 10.10 but for some reason I am running into this issue with AHCI on 10.11
  4. I am using MacBookPro5,5 I can definitely Give MacBook6,1 a shot though. The only issue I am having getting it up seems to be something graphics related. The GUI just won't come up.
  5. I have been happily running 10.10.5 for some time but want to transition over to 10.11 as a few of my apps require 10.11 to use the latest versions. I don't seem to be having any problems with getting 10.11 to boot in verbose mode but the graphics aren't initializing for some reason (UI never comes up). Any ideas? I am using the DSDT for 9400M which disables the 9200 and that has worked fine for me for 10.10.5. No kernel panic on USB or any other situation. Only thing that hasn't ever worked for me is the SD slot unfortunately. Any input would definitely be appreciated!
  6. Since my custom configurations stopped working back in 10.6.x times I'd been using bits and pieces some from this forum and others. Either way I scrapped all the custom modifications I'd made and used only the configuration files from this post including the DSDTs to no successful end. It seems to KP right before initializing the GUI.
  7. I had completely removed the GraphicsEnabler entry from my boot.plist at that point. I have tried forcing it to no and using the most minimal things to try to get it to boot to no avail. I think we are on the right track with it being an issue with the CoProcessor but aside from that I am in the dark. Before stumbling upon this post I had a completely working system based on bits and pieces I'd cobbled together seems enough has changed in 10.8 that my old methods don't work though sadly. Is there anything I can get from the system that might help in better finding a solution? I really don't want to go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8 :\
  8. I switched over to using the co-processor disabling DSDT revision 5 you posted back on page 10 of this thread. Trying to boot that with the boot.plist and smbios.plist provided in post #1 here and the latest chameleon bootloader seems to be a bust. It gets to NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered. Prints the line about the previous shutdown cause and then sits. I am thinking it's hitting a KP at this point because I can't get it to start for the life of me. I am at a loss having followed the instructions to a T short of there being something different about my setup than most I have no idea where to turn short of going back to 10.6... IOREG_1082_Booter_dsdt-coprocessor.v5.txt
  9. Over the last couple years I have managed to keep my system running with my own tweaks here and there keeping it alive. For some reason though, with my 10.8.2 USB installer I am still unable to get graphics, using ANY of the new DSDTs including the latest one. For some reason when I boot into my 10.7.5 Install on the SSD ( graphics stopped working after the latest update in September) I can remote into the system using VNC but only after booting the system in safe mode. For some reason booting in verbose mode makes it kernel panic after the verbose output hits macx_swapon. Right before that line it prints NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered and then [AGPM Controller[ unknownPlatform followed again by the loaded and registered. The odd thing here is that when I am able to boot into it in safe mode with VNC, it doesn't seem to be detecting the display so I must be missing something. I can tell that the Installer for 10.8.2 has booted based on the blinking of my USB flash drive intermittently but the graphics never come up even after leaving it sit for a while (in the past the graphics would sometimes kick in automatically and the display would initialize . The problem to me seems to lie in display detection as the display doesn't even seem to power on at all now. Any input or diagnostics steps to troubleshoot would be much appreciated! 1075_ioreg_nodisplay.txt
  10. I can't seem to downgrade my DVD Drive firmware. It's showing up as a TSSTcorpDVD+-RW TS-D633ADW40 in Windows 7. The drive refuses to accept any lower firmwares I am not sure what firmware it was on when I got it but I know the drive has never worked in snow leopard unless i have a disk in when its booting and even then its very sketchy and won't burn anything and barely reads. If there is no disk in it it doesn't even work in OSX given that its higher than any other firmwares listed on here I am betting its never going to work but any input would be appreciated.
  11. BWR

    HOW TO: Installing 10.4.3 in VMWare

    He's staying he just needed to vent and get some rest.
  12. A good place to start would be to get a list of KEXTs and their loading order from a dev kit and see exactly where it goes dead to see if it really is the TPM KEXT although it more than likely is.