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  1. nVidia GTS 250 Clock rate issues

    I followed tonymac's installation guide and have a running OS X system using the following hardware. ntel BOXDP55WG, i5 Processor, 4gigs or ram, nVidia GTS 250. Open GL and Quartz are both working. Noticing that my frame rates with OpenGL where about half of that compared to windows, I decided to update to the latest nVidia Drivers. this had no affect on frame rates. while following the thread about the new drivers I stumbled into a sub discussion about AGPM and nVidia cards. I started looking to the clock rate on my card. using nvclock I found the clock rates. If I'm reading this correctly the card thinks it should be running at the highest clock rate/settings this is reflected by the actual clock rates shown for Memory and Sharer. However the GPU clock rate is sitting at only 300mhz. This might explain the reason for the sluggish frame rates. I've seen suggestion on setting up the LegacyAGPM.kext, whould this correct the clock rate issues seen above? And is there a guide on setting this up? So far my searches have found nothing that goes through this in detail. I would also like to point out that I have attempted to change the clock via nvclock but it returns the follow message when this is attempted.
  2. Thanks I've been playing around with this. nvclock doesn't appear to allow one to change the clock speed on a GTS 250. But I've found another issue when looking at the output of nvclock, maybe someone could explain... So I'm a bit confused here... The VID Mask is set to 1 which should be the highest power/Clock speed for the card... However the GPU is running at level 0 while the Shader and Memory clocks are running at VID mask 1 level. Either nvclock is reporting incorrectly or theres something else going on. When I opened up a OpenGL game on the machine, the GPU clock didn't increase... So, any help here would be really awesome.
  3. While Following the thread on the new NVidia Drivers, I noticed a conversation about Clock cycles being high on a NVidia GTS 250 (my card). I followed the instructions on how to diagnosis the clock speed and found that my card is running at full clock speed. There was a response from mitch_de explaining what to do to correct this issue. However based on the description I didn't believe that I needed to do the steps outlined during installation, has the video works and is running OpenGL and Quartz apps without issues. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1501747 My Systems specs are: Intel DP55WB i5 Processor NVidia GTS 250 Everything is working fine so far, except on board sound (I use a USB headset so no biggy) I just want to make sure I don't fry my video card, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have a Intel 915Gvwb board. Intel List the onboard sound as a realtek ALC8086 chipset. I pulled the Vender and product Id using the Ubantu live cd. VID = 0x8086 PID = 0x2668 At first the AppleAzailaAudio driver was loading(but no sound) I moved this kext out of the extentions path. I pulled the AppleAC97 kext from teh Darwin CD, and modified the plugins/AppleAudioIntelICH.kext info.pst file. I change the ICH 6 section to have an id of 0x26688086, however I'm not sure if this is correct. the AC97 drivers load, with out errors, but when I got to change the volume, it removes the volume link and reports no errors. Any help at this point would be grand... Thanks
  5. the future of osx86

    1. Why would apple release drivers for hardware they have nothing to do with? So don't expect it. 2. Expcet the actuall release of OSX86 to have a better TMP integration than simply the Rosetta Stone application. Aka harder, or at least longer to crack
  6. Mouse & Keyboard not working

    What was the ps2 patch? Can we roll this back?
  7. How are you getting a Dell Laditude to go that hi to begin with? Are you using an external monitor? I have the same laptop and can't get it over 1024x768