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  1. (surfacepro) The copy / rename procedure work but clover failed to boot my windows 8.1 now so i can only boot OSX... Anyone with the same issue ?
  2. can you provide me a link please, and thx for sharing the information ! i find the information Thx again guys, not have tested yet will poste result soon Fix Clover bootloader to dual boot OS X Mavericks / Windows 8.1 from ssd/hdd After you installed windows you should notice that you can only boot windows 8. Thats normal for now. Boot from the OS X Clover usb again. (If you cant boot from usb and it goes to windows automaticly, just reset youre pc, as soon as it shows bios loading, reset it again, and then select usb as boot device) Select youre os x partition, hit spacebar, and choose with injected kext. Mount the main EFI with Clover configurator; Open the main EFI file drive on the desktop, browse to EFI/Clover and copy CLOVERX64.efi to /EFI/Mircosoft/Boot. In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file bootmgrfw.efi to bootmgfw-orig.efi In EFI/Microsoft/Boot rename the file CLOVERX64.EFI to bootmgfw.efi Reboot without the Clover USB
  3. Already on GUID sorry forget to mension.
  4. (surfacepro) Hi all, first post, i sucessfully installed OSX maverick with your guide but im unable to boot direcly to clover after the windows 8.1 installation... i have try 2 different way with the bootfix command 1 - Format 2 partitions with disk utility 1 partition Mac OS journaled 30Gb size and 1 fat partition 90Gb size ->>> this crate a Hybrid MBR partition table and windows 8.1 dont want to install on this 2 - Format 2 partitions with disk utility 1 partition Mac OS journaled 30Gb size and 1 partition Mac OS journaled 90 Gb size ->>> this create a protective MBR partition table and Windows 8.1 install fine on the 90Gb partiton after deleting it in the setup program. The bootmanager fix dont work for me on protective partition table. What kind of pratition table guys are you using on your surface pro? hybrid or protective Thx in advance