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  1. Dear folks, I followed the step by step guide carefully, however i still can't get the surface book boot to the usb. Maybe I miss the step or whatever. since i am using 10.12. i started from below Download Clover from Clover Official Download Page Install Clover by choosing "Install UEFI Version only, install to EFI partition, Install Themes, Driver64UEFI(unselect CsmVideoDxe-64) After installing, you should see a Partition called EFI mounted, and it's your thumb drive (Copy the EFI folder from Installing OS X to the EFI Partition) only do this if it didn't do atomically Download SurfaceDriver.zip 1.22MB 640 downloads and follow the instruction in the ReadMe.txt to paste the files into your CLOVER folder then after that continue to this : ++++++++++Notice for 10.12 USB Creation++++++++++ The pervious way of making the 10.11 drive won't work anymore in 10.12, instead, after downloading the 10.12 install app, you'll need to follow the following steps Show hidden files by executing this commanddefaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES Navigate to /Application/Install macOS Sierra/Contents/SharedSupport and mount InstallESD.dmg ​​Open "Disk Utility", restore the USB drive with Basesystem.dmg (hidden) in the mounted DMG file. Copy /Packages in the mounted DMG file to the restored USB's /System/Installation. Delete the old link before proceeding to the copy. ​​Copy basesystem.dmg and basesystem.chunklist to the root directory of your USB drive ================= even if i reverse the step, the usb still can not boot. Please help what step i missed??? TIA
  2. Please share the kext file for x3100 & the tutorial how to make it work in 32 bit mode. I can not get my video card work even for 32 bit thanks in advance
  3. you can try azalia audio patch. Only output speaker is functioning, input & output jack still no function
  4. kaly....ur leopard release is the best... thanx very much... I'll try this on my compaq lappie, will let u know the result
  5. Which of these software updates are SAFE?

    AFAIK : quicktime , itunes, graphics update, security update, front row, iwork are safe enough for airport update and time machine, it seem the update will upgrade the kernel to 9.2.2 and it will make the hackintosh crash.. cmiiw
  6. The Ultimate Web Browser

    for linux => firefox 2 is the most stable browser, opera 9.5 beta keep crashing for mac => I prefer camino 1.6b4 than safari, now trying shiira web browser, based on safari, but also keep crashing
  7. Thanx for the driver, but sadly it can only work partially. Tested with Leopard kalyway 10.5.2 on Compaq Presario v3736 Still no input device for my Conexant HDA, internal speaker working but no sound for output jack.
  8. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Intel

    dear all, first of all sorry if my questions already been asked before... I just want to know can this xx os x86 10.4.11 support intel gma x3100? And intel wireless i3945 also marvel yukon ethernet ? Coz I've already tried to install it to my notebook Compaq Presario V3736, but above mentioned hw never worked.... I wonder if there's special option / patch should be applied to make these hw works... Thanks in advance ps : sorry for my bad english ....
  9. Guys... I have Sony Vaio VGN-FS630/W I've installed JAS 10.4.8 with PPF1 including kernel 8.8.1 display => worked with resolution 1280 x 800 QE & CI supported after applying Diabolik GMA 900 Fixer dual display disable by applying two cable trick to the monitor output jack sound card => worked (choose azalia patch when installing) ethernet => worked after restoring some kext files from previos version 10.4.7 wireless => doesn't work (any idea how to make this work???) usb => worked (usb mouse doesn't work, usb wireless mouse work, strange isn't it???) firewire => not tested (no device to be tested ) card reader => no memory card to be tested pwr management => there is an icon at the taskbar, however sleep function doesn't work (any idea how to make this work???) the lifetime of the battery is very short (less than an hour, if using ubuntu or xp is more than 2 hours), how to fix this ??? fn keys => anybody success to make these keys functioning ???? modem => doesn't work (any clues??? ) regards
  10. You are the man this method works on my sony vaio now I'm running Hackintosh 10.4.9 with kernel 8.8.1 Here I attached my desktop screen shot Thanx very much regards my_mac.tiff
  11. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Mr Diabolik... Thankx for your patch...now My Intel GMA 900 has fully supported QI and CE features. You are the best
  12. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Speed Download for Intel doesn't work...keep crashing all the time Photoshop CS 3 Beta works Roxio Toast 8, Adobe Professional 8 doesn't work either
  13. I also have some problem here...why is the battery capacity reduce very fast? Nearly 1% / minute...Is this normal? Coz I've never experience this problem when I use other OS such as Linux or MS Windows. Any suggestion?
  14. it works on sony vaio vgn-fs630w..with jas 10.4.6 dvd upgrade to 10.4.8 with jas combo sse2 update thanx very much