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  1. nForce LAN driver

    Sorry Loli - beyond my comprehension. Good luck. Guiltily I'll just add my problem. My story: 10.6.3 Atkios install upgraded to 10.6.4 on a Asus p5n32-SLI Premium (n590) board. Install found both NICs but couldn't populate DHCP. Manually setting literally killed the entire network. Found this thread and installed the pkg. At the end I get an "Extention could not be loaded" error and no longer see the NICs in Mac OSX at all. I've tried reinstalling the pkg, as well as older versions. Don't always get the error but no NICs. I've tried repairing permissions to fix the ptext but no go. I've done precious little via the command line as it seems the OS simple doesn't see the hardware. Any help or suggestions? -[g] PS - I've experienced ZERO kernel panics. Seems incredibly stable just missing important hardware.
  2. Mac or Hackintosh?

    If you are buying a PC with the express purpose of installing MacOSX on it then its definitely reliable assuming you pre-check the PC you buy to be compatible. I can't recommend which since I've only built one but there are tons of resources out there. Its going to limit the way you shop and take some time though ... so its really time vs money Let us know which way you swing -[g]
  3. Introduce yourself.

    Hey all, I'm Geffen. I just had my MacBookPro killed by a stranger. He opened the overhead compartment on my our flight, dropping my courier bag painfully to the ground, picked it up (ignoring the broken glass sound), and put it back up in the overhead. Four hours later I woke up, touched my bag and immediately noticed it was soaked. Douchebag broke my dutyfree alcohol and then marinated my tech for some nice MBP infused gin. I love Hendricks but not as much as my OSX. So now I'm here - installing and doing the jump-through-hoops this site helps make possible. Very impressed and thank you all! -[g]