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  1. I love this board running 10.5.1.
  2. DuneDevil

    P5GV-MX on ebay

    I'm selling this on ebay. It works awesome with JaS 10.4.8. Full video and sound w/o patching. Ebay Ad Thanks
  3. Anyone get kernel 8.8.1 running on this board? I've spend hours and many reinstalls... 8.4.1, no problem. 8.8.1, it cant seem to recognize cards in the PCI slots. I'm trying to run my trusty intel NIC. It works fine in 8.4.1, but if I upgrade to 8.8.1, it dosent show up in system profilier. I checked the IONetworking kext and the card ID is in there, so I think the problem is 8.8.1's interface with the PCI bus on this goofy ULi chipset (M1695/M1567).
  4. DuneDevil

    10.4.6 to 10.4.8 - lost my Intel PCI NIC

    I have my Intel NIC working in 10.4.8. I did the JaS .6 DVD, then found the JaS .8 AMD SSE3 update. It took a good ammount of looking, but I found it. Now I just need to update the kernel from 8.4.1 and I'll be rockin'! (BTW, the Intel NIC is showing up in the PCI device list now...)
  5. DuneDevil

    AMD Systems 10.4.8

    I would like to try your's (JaS), but it never comes up in my torrent searches...
  6. DuneDevil

    10.4.6 to 10.4.8 - lost my Intel PCI NIC

    So last night I installed 4.8. I filled my removable HDD with all the 10.4.6 kext files (from a previous install). I then dumped all the .6 kexts into the .8 /System/Library/Extensions directory. That was a bad idea. Kernel Panic I knew better than this, but I was tired and got sloppy. I guess I'll read up on the forum more, and try to figure out if it is better to install .8 and then update kext files, or install .6 and try to update...
  7. DuneDevil

    10.4.6 to 10.4.8 - lost my Intel PCI NIC

    Thanks for the reply. I tried replacing it with a different intel pro 100 card (different device ID), and also with a netgear card... none were detected. I'm running an ASROCK 393Dual motherboard (ULI chipset). I think that is adding to my difficulties. I formated and reinstalled 10.4.6, NIC works great. I then saved all the kext files to an external HDD and reinstalled 10.4.8. I plan on carefully examining the differences in the kext files and repair/replacing the .8 kexts with the .6 kexts. Does any one have any tips where I should begin looking? IONetworking.kext seems to have my card's ID, so should I start on IOFamily.kext (I write this from work on my PC, forgive my memory...)? I assume I need to get the card to show up in the PCI bus...
  8. I've searched both the wiki and this forum for about 2 hours now, but I cant find a solution. My Intel pro 100 NIC worked great under 10.4.6. Today I formated and installed 10.4.8, but I cant get the NIC to work. In the "about this apple". The NIC dosent show up in PCI devices. I checked the IONetworkingfamily.kext, my device ID is listed (0x12298086). I then assumed that the problem was IOPCIFamily.kext. I replaced it with a file I found on this forum (I cant find the link now- I think it was 10.4.5). I then did all the chown , chmod, disk tools... Still no help. Am I looking in the right place as far as kext files? Thanks in advance, sorry if I just didnt find the right thread...
  9. I havent seen dual boot with win2k, so here is my $.02. (Should be similar to XP) 1. Start with clean disk. 2. Used install DVD (osx) to create 2 partitions. (I made the second partition FAT32.) 3. Install OSX. Reboot and confirm that it is working. 4. Boot off win2k CD, format the FAT32 to NTFS and install - reboot to confirm that it is working. 5. Make the OSX the active partition using fdisk (I used a win98 boot CD). 6. Boot of the OSX DVD and go to utilities -> terminal. 7. enter (w/o quotes) "fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0". This repairs the MBR. (I think I could have done step 5 while here in terminal). Now I'm dual booting OSX and windows 2000 via the darwin boot menu. I still have to hit F8 to choose the partition, but I'm sure I can edit the OSX boot file to prompt me to choose... Man, I love this place. I'm learning so much!