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  1. damasta

    Bugs of 10.5

    i cannot get time machine to work at all
  2. damasta

    Installing Leopard

    i used my ipod and yes intel macs can boot from firewire or usb
  3. Tips: When picking a spot use as much light as possible... make sure that the light will stay the same (IE: not sunlight) Try to get a bright colored wall to take up as much of the frame as possible Images look like {censored} until you take them, video is pretty much useless.
  4. damasta

    Bugs of 10.5

    wow... I have none of those on macbook pro intel, what are u using? G3
  5. damasta

    Bugs of 10.5

    Bluetooth works fine for my mouse...
  6. damasta

    its on the bay

    {censored} ninjas... i downloaded it from oink.me.uk @ 4 megs a second (thanks verizon fios) anyone who wants an invite and can show good ratio at other places drop me a PM
  7. damasta

    Bugs of 10.5

    Maybe someone at apple will take notice! BUG 1 -When moving certain windows X Y coordinates appear in the middle of the screen (pretty sure its a os problem and not crossover) BUG 2 -Three strange icons are on the desktop that have no properties and only appear when selecting them BUG 3 -Apple took the appletv os and stuck it in instead of front row forgetting certain phrases left in! BUG 4 -CONSTANT AUTO CLICKING!!!!! no screens possible, this one sucks because you can't let the mouse hover over anything important Please post bugs (and fixes) as they are found!
  8. damasta

    its on the bay

    man i was lookin for it all over... thanks to the guy who offered up the idea of looking at "the pig" lmao
  9. i have some better ideas I think... open up disk utility... plug in your ipod (who doesn't have one??!?!?) restore your ipod using the image that you downloaded... plug in ipod when computer is booting and hold option down... select the ipod to boot from... vula (or however the {censored} u spell that)... EDIT: forgot "..."s after a line...