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    westendmtl got a reaction from Iperzampem0 in USB Wifi (RT73) Fix for Lion 10.7.2   
    Here is the fix for USB Wifi (RT73 chip) for Lion 10.7.2. I'm using TP Link WN321G USB Wifi stick you can buy this for under 15$.
    1 - Install the RT73USBWirelessDriver.kext to S/L/E using kext wizard
    2 - Copy RaWLAPI.framework folder to L/F
    3- Repair permissions using kext wizard
    4- Reboot and open Ralink Wireless Utility (You can add this to auto starup at boot)
    N.B: Remove any Ralink Utility and wireless and reboot before starting the step one
    Credits, Original topic --> Link
    RT73 Lion Fix.zip