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  1. Guys i have a lot of this HDA output on kernel messages: Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 3095 Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 2175 repeated many times every minute... it's normal?
  2. For me with 10.8.2 updating nvidia drivers was necessary for solving that annoying issue... (i've tried 10.8.x GeForce.kext with no luck) There is a software for monitoring power consumption? otherwise i can make a test on the standby time for seeing difference (in the same conditions of course) in linux the difference is noticeable (40-60 min of battery obtained) PS: intuitively temperature seems to be substantially lower (but i haven't run stress test to confirm)
  3. With older 10.7 installation dual monitor was ok (both vga and hdmi) but with older DSDT (in this moment i've deleted Lion installation...) I've tested that booting in safe mode (-x at boot) make the video working properly and dual monitor works like a charm, but no qe/ci enabled... the problem is when the system loads the nvidia kext... A little question... the DSDT edit i've suggested for disabling 9200m can replace your "z01i -> DSDT" edit? in theory loading kext will skip the discrete card (the system ignore it)? In this case we can try this combination for solve the problem? (if it make sense) Good can you try if dual monitor works? Edit: the problem is generalized... that issue heppens every time the video card try to change or reset output resolution (for example when i try to change the resolution of my primary screen) thus seems to be no related to secondary output. The good news is that when the issue happens you can solve it forcing a user logout (shift+cmd+Q then enter) and the system adjust your screens "automagically" Any ideas? I Forgot to tell that i've updated to 10.8.2 EDIT2: Problem Solved Investigating on the net for the problem i've found that it's a nvidia driver problem... it was solved with the newest drivers (that was not released for our video card) I've Downloaded this drivers http://www.nvidia.com/object/macosx-304.00.05f02-driver.html then i've extracted all contents with Pacifist and putted in /S/L/E reboot and... solved! now works like a charm! dual monitor hot plug and changing resolution without problems
  4. i've just checked... no reference to [/size][/color] [color=#555555][size=3]02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G98 [GeForce 9200M GS] i can test this solution using the system and monitoring battery duration and heating For the management of a second display do you have any idea?
  5. I've tested just now, system is working with full qe/ci, in system information "graphics informations" are completely disappeared... (for both 9440 and 9200) and it tells me "Error retrieving informations" (but is still working) i attach my ioreg -lw0 ioreg.txt
  6. In Linux discrete card is not supported... it sucks only battery and produce heat... Yes, is working with full qe/ci... but there is a big problem... when i plug-in a second monitor (either VGA or HDMI) both monitors became full of artifacts and became unusable... whith no solution, i have to reboot! (plug-out second monitor doesn't help) Any idea? Discrete card is not supported in linux, it sucks only battery... can we try this acpi call?
  7. OMG, v4 working for me! (9400 + 9200) @bcc9: tanks!! with linux i've used this solution: http://luizfar.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/how-to-switch-off-xps1340-discrete-video-card-on-linux/ injecting that code the discrete card switch off, and this save battery life (+1hour!) and solve heating problems... This effect can be achieved by injecting similar code into DSDT?
  8. In general... i've tried to deassemble DSDT-alt.aml provided in the post #1 and recompile the dsl (with no changes)... but i have errors... it's normal?
  9. I have a problem compiling *.dsl I have a lot of compile errors and warning compiling orig.dsl and fixed.dsl provided in the zip file (with DSDT Editor 0.8) And of course i have the same problem with generated dsl (using scripts provided in the same package) What's wrong? PS: I've tried to deassemble DSDT.aml and recompile it but the results are the same...
  10. Hi guys, same problem here, mountain lion doesn't boot on my xps with 9500m... it boots in safe mode (-x) and if i remove GeForce.kext (in both case without QE/CI). If i understood correctly, the great bcc9 has no way to solve this problem due to different hardware on his machine (xps with 9400m is fully working). I'm not an expert of the "mac os world under the hood", but i think that with the expertise of bcc9 and our collaboration we succeed! I've banally tried to use the old lion GeForce (&co) kext with no success... I've tried to debug how suggested... remote ssh login enabled but when the boot fail the machine seems to be completely freezed (it is not gui problem only... but no kernel panic appears...) or simply with no networking started... GraphicsEnabler is disabled... it can be a DSDT nvidia strings problem? Can we try removing strings from dsdt and using a NVEnabler kext?
  11. Thank you guys, my xps is a fully working mac! A question: My Bluetooth is working fine (the small bluetooth led is active), but when i resume from sleep it doesn't work! (the bluetooth led is now disabled). Any idea?
  12. Can't activate FileVault

    Same problem here...there is a solution? an half idea? There is a procedure for creation of recovery hd? (i've no recovery hd on my disk after installation...)
  13. [aiuto] Come utilizzare FileVault2

    Vorrei provare a creare la partizione di recovery...c'è un modo per crearla?
  14. [aiuto] Come utilizzare FileVault2

    Salve ragazzi, ho effettuato l'installazione di Lion correttamente, creando l'installer su disco usb (a partire dal .dmg di Lion) come da guida. Cercando di utilizzare FileVault è uscita fuori una "triste" verità... in sostanza non viene più criptata la cartella home ma tutta la partizione in uso (e fin qui va anche meglio). Il sistema è quindi pensato per decriptare l'intera partizione al boot, e per farlo ha bisogno che sul disco ci sia la famosa partizione di recovery. (che con la procedura di installazione non viene creata) Infatti tentando di abilitarlo, FileVault dice che è impossibile continuare con il procedimento... Come fare ad avere FileVault funzionale? Avete suggerimenti?
  15. but with the recovery partition enabled it's possible to use FileVault correctly? (what to do with chamaleon?) I'm able to do the procedure of the main post without passing from snow leopard? (in this case with the usb partition maked from the installer app)