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  1. No Sound

    I'm afraid to say that that doesn't work either. All that shows when I try to turn the volume up is a speaker with a cross through it. I'm going to try what andrewgaspo recommended. But if that doesn't work I don't know what to do.
  2. No Sound

    Yes I have tried VoodooHDA but it still does not fix it. I forgot to mention, I'm running 10.5.5 iDeneb v1.3
  3. No Sound

    Hi all, I wanted to say that I have no sound on my osx86 laptop. I don't exactly know what my sound driver is but on the device manager it says "Realtek High Definition Audio". I really want to fix this because I am going to be using a lot of audio related programs, like Logic Studio. Anyone have any ideas? -ATV642
  4. Stuck on loading Mac OS X Leopard

    I repeat, what distro of OSx86 have you installed? iDeneb, iAtkos, iPC, Leo4All?
  5. Sound working, but STUTTERING.

    [quote name='whitekidney' date='Oct 19 2010, 06:41 PM' post='1566813' And i did get the sound working by installing the HDAEnabler.kext and some other kext for my sound card, but it was stuttering ALOT, why is this`? Ok well done on getting your sound working, but I haven't even got mine working at all, but I wish you the best of luck to fix that
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hello I'm ATV642 and I want to get OSx86 sound and internet working. I look forward to making new friends on this site.
  7. Sound working, but STUTTERING.

    I'm afraid I have the same problem as you, but with a different sound driver, but I promise I'll PM you if I find one for your driver. P.S. What version of OS X are you running?
  8. Sound working, but STUTTERING.

    The reason that AppleHDA ALC888 is not working is because you have ALC889A not ALC888. See if you can find a kext to suit your ALC889A.
  9. Stuck on loading Mac OS X Leopard

    What are your system specs and the distro of OSx86 you have installed?
  10. OSx86 Troubles

    Hello, I am ATV642, I have a Windows Laptop and I am getting extremely sick of it so I decided to install OSx86. I am using iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 Leopard. It works perfectly except for a few things, if you can help me I would be most appreciated. Issues: No Sound No Internet Connection I have to boot from disc and use the 'rd=disk0s3' code (I am fine with this. But if there is any way to fix it I would be quite thankful. System Specs: Toshiba Satellite L450D-128 AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-64 4GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics Card Realtek RTL8191SE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC Realtek High Definition Audio Thank you for reading this. ATV642 EDIT: Forgot to mention, my AMD Athlon Processor is 2.1GHz