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  1. Tomica

    help MacOSx10.6.6

    Try flashing your BIOS, then in BIOS options try and disable USB (whatever you have, if you have USB Legacy something, disable it), worked for me! Sorry if anyone else posted that before me, but better to be posted 2 times than no times
  2. Tomica

    Help booting Mac OS X

    Oh, i wasn't aware of that, i should have used Busratio 16 then for me :S Very helpful guide, thanks!
  3. Tomica

    Help booting Mac OS X

    Hello! Try messing around with when you get to Chameleon, try typing -v busratio=18 (or 20) maxmem=2048 cpus=1 Worked for me, give it a go!
  4. Wow dude, that's great! But i have one question. Do i have to format my whole laptop, install OSX and Windows again?
  5. Anyway, tried flashing my bios to version 1.80, bios has been flashed successfully, tweaked the bios once again and now my mouse works. Now, i'm having problems getting a partition on the Mac, shall i create an empty partition on Windows and select that as a partition for Mac, or must i do something else?
  6. Blimey, my bios is very option-less, so i have very few things to be changed there. Tried disabling USB Legacy, but got the same problem, tries also some other minor tweaks, without success. Thanks for your reply tho, dothacker Shall i try and flash my bios?
  7. Tomica

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello! My name is Tomi, i come from Slovenia, i'm 19 years old & i'm currently studying Computing & Informatics If there's anything more to add, ask me, i don't bite
  8. OK it's been a while since i last done that, got quite bored of it if i'm honest, cause it didn't work. I know you guys here are awesome n stuff, that's why i'm willing to give it another go: So, here's the deal. I downloaded iATKOS S3 v2, burned it on a DVD with 4x speed, restarted PC to boot from CD/DVD Player. I set Bootflags to -v busratio=20 maxmem=2048 cpus=1. Everything goes fairly well, until i get to setup menu. It all stops here, as i figure out my keyboard, USB mouse or trackpad doesnt work. So, anyone has any idea how to get my USB ports or Trackpad/keyboard working? Intel HM55 Chipset Intel i3 M330 2.13 Ghz 4gb RAM 500gb HDD ATi Mobility 5145 512mb 15.6" LED Backlight TruBrite (1366x768) TFT Windows 7 x64 Posting the specs once again. Any kind of help would be greatly apreciated!
  9. Hello everyone. I've been searching everywhere on Google (for about 3-4 hours) to solve this problem, but i just can not find a solution to it. I am using Toshiba Satellite L650 Procesor: Intel Core I3-330M 2.13 GHz RAM: 4GB (2x2GB), DDR3, 1066MHz HDD: 500GB, 5400rpm, SATA Screen: 40 cm, 1366x768, TruBrite G.C.: ATI Radeon HD4500 series 512MB i tried every boot flag that i found: -v, -v -f cpus=1, maxmem=2048, busratio=20 (everything together), no success. Tried plugging out the USB mouse and ethernet cable (and also speakers jack etc.). Nothing helped... It says: "The IOUSBFamily was unable to enumerate a device, retrying" <- something like that. Then it says IOUSBFamily failed to enumerate a device. Any help would be highly appreciated. Tried only with this one (10.6.3), but i have Kalyway and iATKOS v7 on the DVD aswell. EDIT: Intel Chipset: HM55 Any suggestions which Mac for PC should i use to make it work, or if i can "configure" this one to work for me Thanks