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  1. When I open a flash video just the area the video uses on screen flashes/flickers. I've updated flash, any other suggestion? Video card is intel hd graphics 2000 Thanks
  2. HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    I had been looking for a patch f.59.a bios. Tried yours and it blue screen my computer when it tried to apply. It backed up and then when got to programming it blue screened. Thank god it still boots but scared to try 59a again. Trying 58 next. You think you could test your 59a? Would be great Thanks
  3. I've got Snow running on my DV9830US intel notebook but after searching many lengthy threads here mainly DV6000 & DV9000 Intel Only I really haven't been successful getting the Audio, Battery Indicator and Wireless to work. I'm not sure what audio chip the notebook has but I know the Wireless is a Intel 4965AGN which after researching doesn't have a driver yet. I've tried deleting AppleHDA and installing VoodooHDA but without success. Can anyone help me get my audio and battery indicator working? I'll order a wireless card off feebay. Thanks
  4. I installed 10.4.7 and ran for a few days and decided to update to jas 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 and now my machine is slow anytime you install from hard drive or copy from the cd to the hard drive. I assume it is something with the kernel or controller driver or something. I may have to go back to 10.4.7 but I don't feel like reinstalling everything. Running on a AMD 64 3500 2g Ram Any suggestions?
  5. Running Apps

    I finally got a fast running 10.4.7 AMD SSE2 running on my AMD 3600 64-bit. I made the mistake of running the 10.4.8 update and installing all the packages and now I boots to a blue screen with mouse and stops. I can't fix that so I decided to go back to 10.4.7 but how can I run pro apps if my processor is only SSE2. I've seen old patches but I thought JAS 10.4.7 would run those by default? Thanks
  6. Trying to update?

    I'm trying to update from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8 AMD SSE2 but everytime I try and run the update I get to the intruduction section and the pinwheel spins indefinately. Did the same thing trying to install FCP. Any suggestions? I'm running and AMD 64bit 3200
  7. Welcome Screen Loop

    {censored} just realized my iso was 10.4.3 now I have to try and find 4.7 wish me luck.
  8. Welcome Screen Loop

    I was trying out jas 10.4.7 on my amd 3.0 machine and I get all through the install and reboot but when gets to the welcome screen to setup users it loops and restarts. Sometimes if I can click fast enough I can make it one or two screens but the it brings me back to the beginning. Any ideas?