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  1. Sorry for my bad english first, i'm german. I have an MSI K9A2 Neo-F Mainboard AMD X4 955 ATI 4890 But I'm not able to install Mac ox x anyway. In the Hardware Compatibility List there only is the K9A2 CF. It is basically identically constructed, it has got the same BIOS. I tried many versions of iDeneb, but none worked for me. iATKOS_v7 - same. I also tried it with EFI empireEFIv1085.iso and a ORIGINAL Leopard Disc. Nothing worked for me. When i used iDeneb, the boot menu appeared at starting, then i pressed enter, so the installing routine should start. But the apple logo appeared for just a second and then the computer is restarting. I used two versions of EFI Empire. One time with this EmpireEFI_V1085_AMD_Inteli3i5m and one time with EmpireEFI1085_AMD. At the second, the chameleon appeared after puttting in the Leopard Disk. I waited half an hour, but nothing happenend. What to do now? Best Regards from Germany