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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I have an Analog Devices AD1988 and I am just posting my dump here in hopes of helping add support for this card. Came in an Asus P5B-VM motherboard. 0.13 only gives me line out and digital out, neither of which I can get to work. Any help would be wonderful. dump.txt
  2. one more kernel based on my sources

    Tried this one myself and it looks like its finally keeping my clock in sync. Good job and many thanks.
  3. Finally Sucess story

    What is this reboot hex edit you speak of?
  4. I am seeing the same installer hangup, i also had to get mount_smbfs off the install cd because the version that got installed wouldn't work with the kernel due to a version mismatch.
  5. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Failure with ATi FireGL T2 128mb (9600 Pro mobile equivilent) on an IBM T41p. System boots, but then cursor turns into a white line and screen is stuck on the grey loading screen with some coruption in the upper left corner (black squares, etc) System keeps loading and by all indications keeps running, display is just corupt.
  6. Atheros Network Drivers

    There is an intel only 10.4.5 update, you are downloading the PPC one
  7. Atheros Network Drivers

    I did manage to get it going, but it was kinna weird. airport thing on the tray wouldnt come on
  8. Atheros Network Drivers

    ive tried moving the 10.4.5 io80211family stuff into 10.4.4 but i still can not get the wireless interface to come online. Trying with an IBM T41P
  9. after running the kext the card must be configured, reboot once to get the port in network connections, then run the airpot assistant, it will fail, but it will leave the card in a working state. then use internet connect to join an AP. and tada
  10. works perfectly with a WPC54G, anyone know a minipci card with the broadcom chipset?
  11. I think we need to focus on getting AppleACPIDisplay working because AppleACPIPlatform fails to load due to AppleACPIDisplay failing to load. and following the logs it seems that this is the last error before the windowmanager crashes when trying to load the full ati driver
  12. Does anyone know what AppleACPIDisplay actualy does? My error is a VID mismatch trying to load it, and im thinking that it failing is what is stopping the driver from loading correctly. I looked in the plist but the vid/did looks like nothing i recongonize. Edit: In fact, what would be really useful is a tool to probe what PCI devices are in the system and which ones have drivers loaded for them, as well as track which drivers fail to load on boot. Alot of the problem with these graphics drivers I think is that we need to get the entire array of chipset drivers loading before we can try to get video drivers running, and from looking at dmesg i have at least 3 other drivers failing a VID match to whatever device they are trying to load to, but it does not say which driver is failing.
  13. I have the bridge loaded and the ati driver loading, but my problem now is that the entire screen is purple tinged. Anyone have a list of these options to set to false?
  14. I have an iBook and I use a PPTP connection created in internet connect to connect to my WRT54G that runs a PPTP server, but in OSX86 the PPTP connection never gets past "Connecting to Server." Anyone else try to use or manage to successfully create a VPN connection with OSX? Thanks