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  1. No. Probably the problem is power supply. Actually I don't have an HD2 system to do more tests.
  2. Hello again. I have a big problem with this mobo and an HD2 system, core + process. PT 9 starts but after some minutes of play on a normal session it gives a DAE error -6042: Same results using only core or inverting cards order. Bios is F5. Mac OS X version is 10.6.8. PT is 9.0.4 Same result with PT 8. Where is the error? Some months ago I tested successfully an HD2 with same mobo. Can it be related to HD firmware version?
  3. For me working solution was: The working solution for me was: moving digidesign.digidal.kext outside S/L/E for backup repair permissions and rebuild cache (kext wizard is ok) restart put digidesign.digidal.kext again into S/L/E again repair permissions and rebuild cache restart It seems that DigiDal.kext gives KP in cache but not in S/L/E and is necessary for PT when it starts with HD cards.
  4. If you send a screenshot we can see what is causing panic.
  5. Try to remove (or rename to .bak) DigiDal.kext from S/L/E. You have to restore it when you use the Digidesign HD cards, otherwise they will not be recognized. This is my experience.
  6. @VooD Very good job. Post compiled DSDT, I'd like to try it. Yes, it seems that with 10.6.8 DigiDal kext gives KP when there is no HD card installed. So without HD card rename (do not remove) DigiDal.kext and run kext utility. But with HD card inserted you have to re-enable DigiDal.kext otherwise the cards will not be recognized by Protools. Can you also confirm ?
  7. AppleHDA working in Toshiba Qosmio X500-14D

    Great! It works on Qosmio X500-10w. Here is a short noob guide: Install AppleHDA.kext with kextsHelper (in /S/L/E, don't work in /EXTRA). You have to edit DSDT to get it work: 1 - download DSDT Auto-Patcher from here and DSDTSE from here. 2 - now you have to extract a clean working dsdt.dsl. Remove DSDT.aml from /EXTRA and reboot. Open DSDT Auto-Patcher and After you have applied toshiba qosmio x500 patch, the dsdt.dsl is in Resources\Java (use "show package content" on DSDT Auto-Patcher app). 3 - copy dsdt.dsl on desktop 4 - open DSDTSE and open your dsdt.dsl on desktop 5 - find "Device (HDEF)" using search function (leave out quotes) on the right and replace the text with the content of the file "Device (HDEF) DSDT fix.rtf" in the package. I suggest to convert the rtf to text first. 6 - press compile DSDT (you are asked to save first the dsdt) and the new dsdt.aml compiled and working is on your desktop. If there are errors on compilation check { and }. Good luck.
  8. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Found this thread and with that kext bluetooth now works: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=156596 Any idea for a more "vanilla" DSDT solution? Thanks.
  9. Great. Works also on Qosmio x500 10w. Thanks!
  10. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hello, recently I got a Toshiba Qosmio x500-10W. I have created a DSDT with Auto-Patcher and everything works, also Firewire and Express Card. Only bluetooth (and probably card reader, haven't tested yet) and wifi don't work. For wifi I have to replace the card, no other way, I know. But for bluetooth can it be a DSDT problem? Attached you can find send_me.zip and DSDT.dsl. Thanks in advance. PS: Also noticed AppleLPC::start - RCBA not enabled Can it be fixed? send_me.zip dsdt.dsl.zip
  11. I have tried it. Nothing. The second PCI-E is useful for a Firewire card ... instead of a video card. I have opened a new thread only for HD 2000 here
  12. No, I have tried Ubuntu 11.04 Live and it works fine also with video ... full resolution and internal vidoe is recognized as: "Intel 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)" Any idea? I think HD2000 is not supported at all.
  13. Now I'm testing internal video with modded DSDT. Using internal video I have a reboot on loading Audio kexts. Removed 10.6.2 AppleHDA.kext, ALC8xx.kext and HDAEnabler889.kext and Lion can continue boot. But now I have again AppleACPIPlatform kernel panic in safe mode. In normal mode I have: With -x and no DSDT (DSDT=no or bad path) Lion boots... this is very strange...
  14. Digidesign HD2 core + process working!
  15. Audio now is working, PCI-X firewire 800 card is working on the PCI slot. Later will test integrated video ... only one question, video on i7 2600 is HD 2000, right? On Lion with Z68MA in System Profiler it was reported HD3000....