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  1. I've tried a few more, I just change the name of the frame buffer in ATY_Init.kext in the 4600 section, Quail worked, I think Gliff gave me a kp been a few days since I tried it, but it still just reads Ati Radeon 4600, while Flicker read Ati Radeon HD 4330, Also I had way more resolution options when my card was being read right, either way tho I am happy it's working in Lion! Also that sound kext works for lion also working 100% once again!
  2. After switching from Flicker to Peregrine I now have full resolution but my video card is read as Ati radeon HD 4600 instead of the Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4330 it was reading with Flicker, I also have a lot less resolutions to choose from, will continue trying other framebuffers and keep you guys updated!
  3. So I've managed to get QE/CI working in lion on my dell inspiron 1545 with ati radeon 4330 256mb using ATY_Init modded with Flicker. The thing is I'm missing 86 pixels :s. How can I force it to be 1366x768 instead of 1280x768? Other then that another success I believe ,
  4. Posted my specs in my signature, if anyone has the same and needs help give me a shout! Also I am trying to create a custom boot file for OS X Lion atm if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  5. Got QE/CI working on my Dell inspiron 1545 with the Radeon Mobility 4330 256mb!