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  1. HP dv2422ca, should I try?

    Hey pal.. I have one DV2171ca and a imjust posting from it. After i solve every single problem i will write a guide "how to". If you wanna give a try use the Leo4All v3 using the driver Nforce experimental unchecking any other nforce drivers. I hope this can help ya. cheers gnD
  2. Hey guys i have a problem when i am installing windows xp in Parallels Desktop in one virtual hd in my Osx partition. Whenever the installation starts to copy the files to the new virtual hd its freezes all my Leo, mouse, keyboard everything. I dunno what it could be doind this, maybe my Jmicron. But this is strange, since i am using everything with my rig (WOW, Timemachine, video editing...) and all my osx data is attached on Jmicron controller. I hope someone has a clue what is happening with PD. Thanks
  3. Dunno, i wish it was ready. Diegomax can u post here to calm down the nvidia users?
  4. Hi guys... My installation of 10.4.3 8f1111 went smooth, with sound and ata suport after the kexts editeds... wharever. The MAIN problem now is: Everytime when i try to change the ip settings of my nic (3com 905, on 10.4.3 previous build whas fine, so the 10.4.1) the ip assistant crashs. Crashes even if i try to create another location profiles or setting the proxy. The only setting that my lan works its the default one: DHCP. Can someone help? I will try to put the System Preferences from previous build. tks [ ]s edit: I just tried the 10.4.1 system preferences and it doesnt work.
  5. [PRT] Brazilian the search of information

    Falo sim eheh Vamos para o outro topico.. assim fica aberto para varios brasileiros que quiserem tirar duvidas.. [] s
  6. [PRT] Brazilian the search of information

    Hi guys, i am brazilian too. If you guys need any help on portuguese i can help u. Greetz gnD
  7. I am on same situation Myzar K8N Neo2 Platinum NF3 250 Let me know if u got something. tks
  8. Hi there.. Bender, great work! i tip my hat for u guys. On my machine, at the first boot, i had to delete Chud*.* from the extensions folder to make they work. Maybe on next release U move they to extensions.disabled (whatever) Again great job. See ya
  9. Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    Bikx86 How many times do you Reboot? and what mobo do u have. Many tks
  10. Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    So do u test the command that i wrote in previous post?
  11. Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    Anyway lets pray huauua
  12. Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    Hey i found something. "...has the right file permissions. You cannot load a kernel extensions with the wrong file permissions. If kextload prints a message saying that the KEXT is not authentic, you can fix the permissions using sudo chown -R root:wheel /file.kext" I gonna try this out and reply later... cya
  13. Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    I´ve replaced the file, and my system gained a MAJOR speed boost.... Until my second reboot Know he hangs on IOATA part, dammit. (I dont remember the msg right now, im working lol) i dunno why, maybe someone can help. Tks
  14. My onboard LAN just needed to be configured, on System Preferences, Network, Built in Ethernet. Just it. I didnt need to alter any file or something like.