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  1. LOL  8 hours.. Bamm ..  I got this... :lol:


    I guess the solution is to install all the kext first and leave clover last.  After rebooting, check if you have installed everything like sound and Wi-Fi.  


    Install Clover last and reboot.


    After which, whatever that, you only insert those kexts that are not loaded or working, into the clover EFI and not the entire chunk of kexts that you need. 


  2. Hi all, 


    Just to update.  Finalised build.  I used the 6.0.1330 FakeSMC Kext dated 22 January 2014 7:53 am




    After which, simply let the Mac go to sleep once.  Then wake it up and it will never hang or crash anymore.  Runs a lot cooler as well.  A notebook cooler is still highly recommended.  


    As for Internal Wi-Fi for this model Asus 303LN .  It is a work in progress  here.




    This model looks like a good one to Hackintosh.  Some forums say El-Captain will solve the random crash and freeze for good.  Well.... time for a break before the El-Captain experiment.   :D




  3. Hi Special one,


    Thanks for the reply.  SLE stands for?  == 


    I did some guess searching, and I am guessing that you are implying that instead of throwing it directly into Clover = EFI, I will put them into System => Library => Extensions for the system to pick them up later only after the whole system has booted up.


    Hmmm... Ok, is there actually any explanation for there to be a difference by doing SLE?  Since if a Mac is not compatible with a piece of kext somehow, it should crash as well even if I am to put it in SLE.


    Its a pity, I don't have the opportunity to try anymore.  The guy's laptop died the very next day and he sent it in for warranty repairs.  Guess he will be sticking to Windows for quite a while.  


    But it will be good to know for the future.


    Side track a little .  I get like 4 hours out of this hackintosh that I built.  Not that I timed it, I have managed to get a working battery notification at the top right which tracks the number of hours left.  I can control the brightness and so I won't waste the battery.


    I find it a little warm when I use it.  Feels exactly the same if I am using it in Windows with high performance settings.  Any power management kext that is recommended that can actually control the Intel i 5500 CPU?  Because in Windows, I can get 8 hours or more out of it.


    Thanks in advance again..~

  4. Hi everyone,  I am back again.  I have actually succeeded in a Hackintosh on a Asus 303 LNB model.  For this model, I have managed to work on it till almost everything is working, multi-tap, brightness controls, audio controls and I have even managed to DSDT an error free DSDT with battery patch with MACIASL.


    I am trying to help someone with an almost exact model.  Asus 303L.  In fact, what I can conclude from the specs , it is the exact same machine, same graphics, same Nvidia chip.  Except that it comes with a small 32GB internal flash and a normal 750 GB HDD instead of SSD.


    The bootable USB booted up fine,  no errors, no hiccups and I can proceed with everything that I am all too familiar with, since I have re-done my own Hackintosh a gazillion number of times while I am trying to get all the kexts and features in place.


    Everything worked without a glitch.  However, the system hanged with the attached error.


    To make matters much more amazing.  I can use the thumb drive as the bootable boot loader to boot up the HDD Mac OS and it will work fine.  Say for instance, if I were to install Wi-Fi , it will work as long as I use the thumb drive as the bootloader to select the laptop's HDD.


    But If I use the clover on its own, it will hang.  And the best part of it all, is that to determine what could be the cause.  I only added FakeSMC.kext which is a mandatory kext and restarted to check if it will boot.  Nope.. It hangs.  With just one FakeSMC.kext


    And to top it off , if I simply wait it out, as it would only load like one quarter of the apple logo and hangs there, the whole laptop, actually goes to sleep .   :shock:   But I am not able to actually wake it up anyways.  How is that even possible when the Mac OS is not even half loaded.


    I cannot even boot in safe mode, cpus=1 and I tried quite a handful of flags, but nope.  


    I can pop in the thumb drive and it will load perfectly fine.


    What I cannot understand is that how can a laptop, load a thumb drive without issues, but yet fails to load on its own?


    A few additional things to note is that, the laptop does not seem be successful in loading the HD 5500 hex config 16160002 even though I have checked to ensure that it is correct.


    But the laptop is HD5500.  I can bet my last dollar on it.   Any ideas on this error as attached?


    Thanks in advance.


    Attach file as it seemed to have failed to attach in the previous post


  5. :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:


    I think I got it.  Set the Bios DVM to 64Meg, even though Windows states 160Meg


    It's a almost perfect build. Just some of the little extras like keyboard function keys , keyboard light and battery meter a little odd and crazy.  I would say this car checks out fine. :thumbsup_anim:            

  6. Hi experts,  


    I am trying to install Yosemite on a Asus 303LNB


    Specs as follows


    i7 = 2.39 Ghz

    Rams = 8GB

    Graphics = HD 5500


    I have managed to get the Mac OS installed, but as you can see from the screenshot I get some form of distortion.  The Mac OS boots fine and the graphics are fast and perfect.  I can even move my mouse , the graphics are still perfect.  I will get what you see in the screenshot if I start to click on the menus and options.


    I have attached the plist for more advice.


    I am lucky enough to have a bios that allows me to set the graphics ram all the way to 512.  I have tried various combinations, like 64 meg to 128meg to 256 meg in the Bios, but I will get a black screen.  512 meg is one of the best settings.


    What I do not understand is that I can get the system to boot all the way in with perfect graphics with no distortion if I insert the -x boot flags.  And the graphics rams will show 1536 meg.  But the moment I boot without -x, it just does not work fine.


    Please advise if there is something I can do?


    :)   Thanks in advance.



  7. Hi all, just like to chip in some help to all those who are trying to get IDT audio. Honesty, the instructions are a little vague, but I do understand what is going on after spending hours and hours reading the guide all over again.


    I think it will be helpful to post additional screenshots as to where to find the device ID even though a lot of members did point out the use of x86tools to get the device ID or through Windows. I cannot get anything out from Windows, thus I used the x86tools. But what I got from the output that was related to the audio is this,

    HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03)


    And I believe I failed to get the correct stuff I need to find. since there was nothing close to 0x12345678


    I can only guess that my device ID might be 0x8086293e


    Gritted my teeth and I proceeded to do the rocket science maths. :rolleyes:


    At the end of it all, nothing... .... ...


    I was going to do the pin config stuff and I followed the guide on how to flip the pin config, searched for it in Windows, and I need to flip 50 sets of those numbers, #@&!!%


    At the end of it all, I gave up.


    But here's the good news. I got my sound working. And in the most simplest manner ever.. I could not believe it.


    Go download [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]


    Under the advance options, kexts, audio. Go to the Voodoo experimental version and choose the 2nd one. The very very experimental one. Install this one and delete the AppleHDA.kext from the extensions folder or it will kernel panic, as the guide says so.


    The instructions in there says, backup the AppleHDA.kext and delete the one in the \systems\library\extensions


    After rebooting. WOO HOO>>> I get sound... ;)