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    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Wow! Thanks for this great thread. I recently got a 1201N after reviewing the Netbook Compatibility Chart and, after following this thread from the beginning - and using Biird's excellent Extra folder contents - got this 'tosh working perfectly. Right now, I'm using 64-bit 10.7.3 and hibernatemode 3 with perfectly functioning sleep. But I must admit, I haven't actually tested restart from a hibernation, though I may pull the battery and give that a shot. This is a very impressive machine, though it is quite a bit slower than my XPS M1210 (T7400 CPU) and even e1705 (T7200 CPU), but I can't get either of those to reliably sleep with Lion. I think that the summary of what works and what doesn't, at the top of this thread, needs to be revised to reflect that fact that *everything* appears to work. Though I suppose that it would probably be a good idea to insert a brief disclaimer about no hardware VT-X support. That's just a minor inconvenience given the limited power of this platform, but it's a legitimate issue nevertheless. Now, I see that 10.7.4 is out. I may just backup my 10.7.3 install and give it a shot. Has anyone else taken the plunge yet? Thanks for all the effort - you people are great!
  2. DrEmmettBrown

    Tutorial Install Lion 10.7.x On Dell Xps M1210

    I'm currently using 10.6.8 on my m1210, but I've been unable to get 64-bit kernel to boot. I have 2 questions for you: 1 - Is your 10.7.3 running in 64-bit 2 - I see that you have 4GB of RAM, what does Activity Monitor display for memory size when you select System Memory at the bottom of the main screen? Thanks for this great post. Doc
  3. Thank you so much for that very useful information. I had given up on getting my Go 7400 working with the 64-bit kernel until I stumbled across your post. Then today, I decided to give it another shot and in searching around found some comments indicating that 7x00 chips lost 64-bit support in or after I think, 10.6.3 and so I started thinking about rolling back drivers. You just saved me a LOT of work. I could have been swapping these out one-by-one for hours and I still might have overlooked the Frameworks components. I have a few questions if you don't mind, as the Chess program causes KP on my machine too, and while I don't use it very often, I just can't stand it when things don't work right<g>: 1 - What Chameleon version are you using - I've got 2.0 RC5 pre 8 r60 which was, I think, the current version as of your post? (Though, I could definitely be wrong here<g>!) 2 - Are you using NVEnabler 64.kext? 3 - Have you specified GraphicsEnabler Yes? Right now, I've got 10.6.4 on this machine, but I just upgraded my other laptop to 10.6.7 - it has Radeon Mobility x1400 graphics, and I can say that that too was a lot of fun to get QE/CI working with. Thank you, again, for this very helpful post, Doc ___________________________________ "I finally invented something that works!" --- Dr Emmett Brown