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  1. @ludufre thanks! I will test them now. - Ok the two Kext provided work and now my computer is working like it did under Catalina.
  2. Hi there, Does anyone have the latest cpufriend.kext compiled for BigSur. I'm trying to get cpu core min to be 800Mhz instead of the 1.3Ghz currently offered with the Catalina release version? I want see if the updates to support BigSur will make it work like it did in Catalina. Thanks
  3. Thanks once again. I never compiled for source so I stick with the release versions. Audio is now working!
  4. Hi @ludufre what is the trick to get audio to work? My older motherboard Asus z270 also has alc1220 or some variant but the internal audio isn't recognized. I have added alcid=1 to boot args nothing, which works in Catalina. I added device property entry and also nothing. By the way, auto sleep is broken but works if done form the apple menu. Thanks
  5. Hey @ludufre thanks for your help. I combined my Catalina info with your kext and updated smbios and oc 6 and I am in Big Sur right now. Only issue so far is audio.
  6. I thought my details were in my signature. I gave an i7500 Asus prime z270-a motherboard.I will try the new one
  7. Thanks for looking into this. I get this the following error right at the start.
  8. The posted efi in this thread gets stuck with the error posted below.
  9. Hi there, I was hoping one of the experts here could kindly help me with my OC efi. I installed Big Sur with a real Mac and then Quit at the initial setup and installed it in my Hack. My Catalina OC efi works great but intantly fails with Big Sur. I tried the efi provided in the first post and it boots about 3/4 of the way and then an error keeps looping. I wonder if my efi can be corrected. Thanks EFI.zip
  10. fastfwd

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Hi there, I an hoping someone can help me with the issue I'm having with my Catalina install. My system is not going to sleep even though it works under Mojave. Oddly, it does sleep if I boot the the computer and leave it on the logon screen but after logging in the screen will sleep but the computer remains on. I attached pmset terminal info. Activity monitor only lists one thing preventing sleep ie hidd, so it maybe some usb thing? term.rtf Ok a clean install fix the sleep issue. Thanks
  11. Hi MaLd0n I was wondering if you could take a look at my config file so that I can get the Intel HD 630 working. I have tried so many settings by looking at other people's config files similar to my own system. Nothing has worked. I get stuck at the IOconsoleuser line repeating and can't get to the High Sierra login. I have Asus Prime Z270-A with Intel 7500 cpu, nVidia gtx1060 card working to install high Sierra but of course with no web drivers yet. Your expert help is greatly appreciated. Kext are Fakesmc, IntelMausiEthernet, USBInjectAll, XHCI-200-series-injector. I also tried lilu and intelgraphicsfixup and shiki, no dice. config.plist.zip