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  1. So I have been away from this scene for about a year and checked back in to see how things are going. Seems like things are going very well.. Anyway, along to my setup. My machine is an SiS 755-a2 motherboard with a socket 754 sse2 3200+ a64 cpu. I downloaded the Jas 10.4.8 4 gig iso, burned it, and tried to boot up from the dvd, but I got an acpi error and got no further. Under vmware I get a kernel panic... So i downloaded 10.4.6 and that works from vmware. Im going to do a native install of 10.4.6 when im done posting this. My question is: can I upgrade the 10.4.6 kernel to one the latest release of Semthex 10.4.8? I found one guide to upgrade from 10.4.6 to 10.4.8 on here, but that guide says its only for sse3.. With an upgraded kernel will I be able to install the titan kexts for my geforce card ( i have read that you have to install these kexts with the installation of 10.4.8?) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. orph3us

    problem when booting to install osx

    had the same problem, to fix it i simply hit a key before the 8 second menu was up. where it says hit f8 for special options, just hit any key and it'll go normally.... at least that works for me... when i let it go it says cant find com.apple.boot.plist ..... or hit f8 and type -v for verbose mode, same thing
  3. orph3us

    Mixing tiger and leopard

    That's immensily strange that Safari wouldn't work but that Spaces would? Maybe safari has some coreanimation stuff in it? like the new spotlight stuff? What files do you need to copy to get spaces to work on Tiger?
  4. Hey guys, I hope this isn't a forbidden topic, but how viable would it be to take the new safari (i don't really care about the new ichat although it would be cool to check out, among other apps) to a current Tiger installation. Also how easy would it be to take Spaces (anyone know exactly how its integrated in the system?) and put it also to a Tiger installation. Hope this makes sense and someone knows the answer Thanks for your time -Paul
  5. so i just reinstalled osx 10.1.4/5 and i need help if anyone can give it. My problem is that I have a DLink g510 wireless card in here that is recognized but is recognized as built in ethernet, so i can't access the airport menu to put in the password for my wireless network. On first startup (where i am now) this doesnt matter because setup finds my network and lets me put in the wireless settings through there, but if i restart now, im going to lose wireless and i dont know of any other utility that will let you find networks other than the one on the menu. my second problem is that my hard drive is a 200gb ata drive but on startup it was recognized as only 128gb. everything installed fine and it works, but was it recognized as smaller because i have no ata driver running? (sis 5113 udma controller no driver) Thanks for your time, hope someone can help ;/ paul
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    what about running the windows version under darwine or wine with X11?
  7. I just posted this in 360hacker.net but since it doesnt seem to be getting many hits lately ill post it here too. I run an amd athlon 3200+ with an sis 754 chipset and i recently upgraded to an nforce3 board for osx purposes.. unfortunately, this proved to be a mistake. first of all i have a 6800gt for running games in windows, and the nforce3 doesnt seem to work very well with the 6800gt (framerates were horrible i even tweaked a ton and nothing fixed it) and in osx, with my 9600xt in there, qe and ci run unbelievably slow. i dont know if the problems are related, the 6800 and 9600 in osx, but i do know that the nforce3 does not work well for me. That and trying the install cd on an nforce3 machine will give you waiting for root device. So.... i went back to my sis chipset mobo and im gonna give my brother the nforce3 and hopefully he wont have problems cuz he has a 7800gs.... so.. do i have a question? am i informing you that nforce3 might suck? i guess Im looking for confirmation on that point. i like nforce chipsets, i had been led to believe that they were good... but i had nothing but a horrible experience with mine. the only bad thing about my sis chipset is that it has only two ram slots and i wont ever get osx ide drivers unless i port them myself from bsd.... blah.... what are your experiences with the nforce3 chipset? good/bad? in windows? in osx? whats the best amd socket 754 or 939 board for osx? Now that macs boot windows native, i might just buy one instead of trying to run this native on my machine... it just doesnt seem worth it if you cant get full acceleration.
  8. my dwl-g510 revision b got auto detected with no editing. i also had a dwl-g520b2 that i traded to my brother for the 510 because it didnt work out of the box... might have with kext editing but it was easier to do the trade
  9. or you can get something really nice like creatives audigy 2 nx (usb) :censored2: .. its 110 dollars new but it supports 7.1 or 6.1? one of the two, has a remote and is quite nice all together. I was gonna buy one off ebay for 60 bucks but someone outbid me it ended up going for 81 bucks minus s/h....
  10. orph3us

    nForce Sata Workaround

    Hello, thanks for posting a new topic, the old one really was cluttered and dmca adjusted :censored2:. anyway, i just bought an nforce 3 mobo to replace my sis board thinking that this one would be better supported (asus k8N? ai mobo) well now i get native sound but unfortunately it killed the qe/ci acceleration with my ati 9600xt so i dont know if theres a fix for that. But, also to stay on topic here, I'm wondering if someone could post the udma and sata fixes in one post. Or maybe just add on how to fix the udma. BTW, the ids for nforce3 boards are 00e310de and 00e510de for the first and second ide channels respectively. I'm gonna start working on this as soon as i get a few things fixed around the house.. then osx will get my full attention. I'm gonna see what i can do for the ati problem first then ill play around with udma/sata. Hopefully i can contribute something :/
  11. I just dumped my sis chipset motherboard (socket 754) for an asus k8n ai motherboard specifically for osx but when i boot up into the drive i installed with the previous board it works fine, i actually have onboard sound now, but also the gui is incredibly slow. i read that other people were having problems with the ati + nforce3 chipset so i dont know if there is a fix yet but please reply if you know anything about this! also, when i tried to reinstall with the current mobo the cd won't boot. (10.4.5 patched) it gets stuck on nforce3 ata controller and then says still waiting for root. can anyone with an nforce3 board help me out?? thanks much
  12. orph3us

    D-Link DWL-G520 (PCI)

    it did not work for me with the g520 revision b. it didnt detect automatically and i didnt bother to adjust the plist ids. So i dont know if thats a problem. Anyway, i put in the gw510 revision b and that works fine for me. the 520's a better card so if you guys get it working let me know on this thread too thanks
  13. orph3us

    D-Link DWL-G520 (PCI)

    just got my dwl 520 in the mail today. havent tried it yet though as im downloading a debian dvd iso . but ill try it as soon as thats done, (2 hours?) anyway, to answer your question about airport and airport extreme. airport extreme just means that its capable of running in g mode and airport is 802.11b if im not mistaken, so im pretty sure that if it works at all it should show up as airport extreme.
  14. orph3us

    D-Link DWL-G520 (PCI)

    interesting i missed the revision a part . i also just ordered a dlink dwl-g520b card ! .. hope it works for the both of us, post back if you have already tried yours. im getting mine sometime this week. (if it doesnt work im gonna trade my card for my brothers dwl-510, which i can confirm DOES work in osx) with the 510 working, i dont see why the 520b wouldnt work. cheers
  15. what could be causing this? driver differences obviously? does it have anything to do with efi and most of our latesystems lack of efi? I dont understand it all too well, but if the driver is written for an efi based board, then how is there even support for vga bios's? Was it written in before efi became the standard? I'm sure there are more questions that I'm not thinking of, and i invite you to speculate in this thread. It might help get peoples minds working thinking about a possible fix. As for that possible fix, hmmm... what could help. Mousepose isn't a real fix, it slows things down and causes the pointer to blink. Graphical artifacts are common as well. Can anyone confirm that with the exact same x1600 card used in imacs that there is still mouse/graphic artifacts? If so that might lead us in the direction of efi again possibly? what else is there?.. could there possibly be a vsync like utility for osX? i know theres one with vista and the aero interface, i assume the option is available with osx? that to me seems like the most obvious first approach at a possible fix. ANYWAY! POST! CONJECTURE! HeLP OUT! Lets post some theorys. Then we can try and explore them together! 1!! rawr