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  1. Atheros Network Drivers

    Hi, I have an Aspire One Pro 531h which has Atheros Wired and Wireless network cards. I installed iatkOs5 and got lots of stuff working including sound, but no network. Now I've moved on to try iAtkOs S3 V2. This one at first glance seems great. The screen resolution works out of the box, as does the trackpad. I had to install an Atom or ipooz kernel to stop it auto-rebooting though. However, no sound and not even any sign of a network. I tweaked a PCI-1 setting in the install and now I see the both Ethernet cards in the PCI Cards section of System Profiler. However, they say "No Driver Installed". I've looked all over these and other forums but most of the answers seem to be talking about older versions of MacOs. This one comes up at 10.6.3 In the Ethernet Cards section of System Profiler I have nothing, just details in the PCI Cards section. Audio has says its got an output device of Speakers(CD) whatever that means, but nothings coming out of the speakers. If anyone has ANY suggestions about what to try next, please let me know. Of course, I installed this thing just so I can write code in xCode for the iPhone which should work, but it would be very nice to have any kind of network and sound. ;-) As for other bells and whistles I don't care. Thanks !! Sean