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  1. HP DV9700 iPC 10.5.6 Install

    The shutdown works without a problem. Did you by chance try the Shutdown/Restart Fix package in the iPC install? What motherboard is on that laptop? Also 1 thing I noticed with the HP's is that if the sound driver is not working correctly, the machine wont reboot or shutdown correctly. With the install I listed above, I can successfully reboot, and shutdown without issue. However. I cannot use sleep, but this is not an issue for me.
  2. Still digging through the package to find where it is checking for the Processor. I am sure it is right in front of my face...getting installed was Wall #1, now Im at Wall #2. In due time.
  3. So I noticed I couldnt install Parallels with my iPC 0SX86 10.5.6 install. I figured my laptop was just lacking the BIOS option to enable Hardware Virtualization. No matter, I figured out a way to get it to work and I assume this will work for ANYONE including AMD, please try it and let me know. This is for Parallels version 4, and I have yet to actually RUN any VM's but I will update the thread after I do so. Regardless, it does get installed, and it does run, so I assume it will work. Copy the Mounted Parallels Desktop 4 drive. Paste to your Desktop Right click the newly created DMG and click "Get Info" Scroll to the bottom, click the lock Hit the gear, "Apply to enclosed Items" Close that Window Open Pacifist If you dont have Pacifist, why not? Drag the newly created DMG into the Pacifist Window, you should see the contents of the installer. Right click "Contents of Install.mpkg" Click Install to default Location Now what this does is "copy" the files to be installed normally to your directories. Close Pacifist Delete the created Parallels DMG. Open the ORIGINAL Parallels DMG. Run the Installer like normal. See what happens is, Parallels no longer needs to check to make sure your hardware is compatible because it notices you already have it installed, so it must work with your machine. I will post up shortly about wether or not the VM mounts and works correctly. This at least gets it installed. UPDATE - 135AM Program runs, but will not run a Machine because of virtualization. Looking into the Parallels Desktop program now to see if I can disable the hardware check.
  4. I have been a member of this board for a while, but lately have decided to help out others a little bit instead of just lurking all of the time. This guide will give you a general overview of my 10.5.6 iPC install on my HP DV9740US. I hope its helpful and isnt something put out there. I seem to notice a lot of people with these laptops install a modified kernel, find out its not what they want because its not stable, and leave it be. There is no reason to that, this install is faster than any Windows install I have had, to include Windows XP, and is also very stable. First things first, we all know Intel Wireless cards, just dont work well with OSX86, and if you arent familiar, you soon will be that replacing the Intel Wireless card in your HP will be unable to boot. Why? Because HP like other companies put in a "Whitelist" in the BIOS. Thus causing your machine to not boot past POST if a different card is installed. ****I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF FLASHING YOUR BIOS BRICKS YOUR MACHINE, IT WORKED FOR ME IT MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU**** To fix this issue, we will use a modified BIOS file that has removed the whitelist. Head over to this other post here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=120190 And download the correct file for the BIOS you are currently running and or the upgraded BIOS. F.59 is the latest, so just download the file, and follow the instructions. Find the iPC 10.5.6 Final release, this release should contain ALL PPF's so that you have all the drivers and fixes available to you. When booting to the disk, hit F8 and boot with -v. THIS IS A MUST, the boot will fail without that verbose command switch. 1. No Kernel Selected. Vanilla Kernel is installed by default. 2. Depending on Video Card choose 1 of the Video drivers, personally my 9740US has a 8600M GS Card, and I like the NVDarwin drivers so I choose the NVDarwin 256MB. 3. Intel ICHx SATA Drivers selected in Chipset 4. ALC268 seems to be the standard AUDIO in these boards. I stick with the MADTUX ALC268 release. It has the headphone port fix built in. 5. You can skip any driver install for Ethernet/Wireless. If you followed the BIOS fix above, your wireless will be autodetected if you select a Wireless card that is OSX compatiable. 6. I select Voodoo Power, but I wont say that it is required..make your judgment on this one. 7. Under Fixes and Patches select, Seatbelt.kext, Both PS/2 Device Support patches, this is required for your trackpad and keyboard to work. ***NOTE, if you install ANY USB fixes, the front USB port wont work...and we need all we can get. Click install, and let it ride. Take disk out at reboot and run with -v -f on first boot. Anytime you install a patch for that matter, you should run -v -f to make sure everything loads properly. Now that we are booted into OSX you may have noticed a couple of things. For one, your sound worked on bootup Your buttons should turn up and down the volume, however the mute button will NOT work. It says it muted, but it doesnt actually mute anything. And unlike previous ALC268 releases, you dont have the white noise every boot up. Your HP Webcam, lights up in a pretty blue fashion, but it doesnt actually WORK when OSX asks you to take a picture of yourself for your profile. NOT an issue however, because it works with iChat, websites, and other chat messengers! (Native Yahoo Messenger/AIM/MSN Messenger) Go ahead and head up to Apple Update, and let it install all updates, including security patches. These updates will NOT brick your install. Infact, it works smoothly. I do not know if this will work the same with version patches, but I will update this thread if and when 10.5.7 is released...I clone my drives, so I got no problem screwing one up to test it. You should also notice that System Profiler identifies everything in your machine correctly, and there is no dreaded "Unable to identify system information" or whatever. And thats it! I noticed using NVInject, I did not get Quartz Extreme enabled but with NVDarwin it works like a champ. Let me know if you have any specific questions. And I hope this helped some people.
  5. AppleHDA ALC268 Shutdown Issues [SOLVED!]

    Worked perfectly on my dv9740us. Have not tested audio ports yet. Everything however is running smoothly with iDeneb 10.5.4 NVInject GO 256MB, all screen resolutions. Only thing that doesn't work still is sleep.