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  1. ZhaiQiChen

    Leopard in Chinese?

    yes of course, you can set it at "system settings".
  2. ZhaiQiChen

    iWork 09 Just getting Blank Pages

    normally, when you choose a temp and open it, the application will show only 1page(maybe, it's blank), and if you want to more this kind of the temp, you need to click the "add page" icon at the tool bar, in that list you can find all you choosen temps.
  3. ZhaiQiChen

    Is it worth buying the new iPod Touch now?

    what's your mian using of it?? music?? games?? or connection??, I think the 2nd Gen is enough.
  4. ZhaiQiChen

    iOS 4 Battery Problems

    the 2nd Gen iTouch does not support the background apps. I have the same issue with you on this 2nd Gen iTouch, maybe we should turn-off the wifi when it sleep.