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    Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    Carlitosx, First, thanks for your hard work testing and documenting. I gave my S12 OSX new life after many months using Ubuntu. What I noticed already in the past try outs is that occasional kernel panics are caused by battery not recognized properly. It get logs flooding with those "FIX ME...." errors, and eventually it gives KP. I used the other ACPIBatteryManager.kext linked above to make it work properly. If not using correctr kext you may find mambojambo in System Profilers power section's battery information. I updated easily to 10.6.7 (didn't bother to break things with 10.6.8). And system is really stable. Only thing I'm missing is sleep, didn't manage to get it work with any of your DSDTs even in 10.6.6.