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  1. OSX fails to boot at all

    I got that when I tried to install any way OTHER than dd. Couldn't install Darwin, mirroring using OS X, mirroring using CCC, etc. DD worked fine, just stuck at 6GB.
  2. how to setup dialup cable?

    Maybe OS X isn't quite ready for you yet...
  3. Misreading amount of RAM?

    I think it's an issue with dual channel memory. Maybe it sees the sum of the slots as one logical unit, but multiplies that by the number of slots... I don't know. I have a Gateway with 2x128MB RDRAM, and CPUz in Windows reports it as having 512MB. I'm not running OS X on it anymore, but if I recall correctly, OS X showed 256MB. If you run top from the command line, what does it show for the RAM usage?
  4. Cpu usage ?!!??!

    Are you using the x86 binary?
  5. Easy Dual Boot

    Windows should still use C:, since the HFS+ volume isn't visible to the OS and therefore not assigned it's own drive letter.
  6. CCC

    I don't think I ever got CCC to work through Rosetta. I ran it from my PowerBook and the resulting disk wasn't bootable.
  7. Quicktime 7.0 ruined my MAC

    Mac, in reference to Macintosh, is not an acronym. Don't capitialize all the letters.
  8. What web browser are you using? *State Here*

    I use G4 optimized builds of Mozilla Firefox and Camino.
  9. SDL doom!

    I was just thinking of building Marathon's AlephOne (which also uses SDL) for x86. Marathon kicks ass. http://source.bungie.org/ http://trilogyrelease.bungie.org/
  10. New Safari?

    That's just the Keychain (secure login and password storage system in OS X) asking for approval to allow the new Safari access. This will happen every time you update any app that accesses the keychain, it's a security thing, prevents malicious apps from getting at your confidential data.
  11. Free Opera Codes

    Not sure if it has an x86 build yet, but the price is right! http://my.opera.com/community/party/ Today only!
  12. Thoughts On Vista

    Heh, kinda funny how that works... I was running OS X on some of the oldest hardware here, 1.3 P4, never crashed on me.
  13. New Safari?

    Probably because you're running it through rosetta now. probably better off sticking with v2.0 or FireFox.
  14. New Safari?

    Well, now we know it doesn't work. I gave up on my OSx86 machine so I couldn't test it. The ol' Gateway is happily dual booting the OEM Windows 2000 Pro and Ubuntu Linux now. And my PowerBook G4 is running Mac OS 10.4.2 just great. Glad to help out where I can, but I don't see myself getting more suitable hardware anytime soon.
  15. Thoughts On Vista

    They talked briefly about Vista on the "This Week in Tech" podcast (highly recommend it by the way, #1 in iTunes). Sounds like the things Microsoft got right in Vista are things OS X had for the past four years. Other'n that, it's XP SP3.