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  1. Asus EEE 1215N

    hello ... after using THEHAWKs extra.zip and chameleon 6 (on 10.6.5) i can boot sl from hd, sl starts fine.. but i got a error during the boot hibernate image is too old by xxxx seconds use forcewake=y to override bad display config block signature (0x141500ff) error:nvidia rom patching failed press any key... sl starts... i try forcewake=y on chameleon setup...msg stay.. but the biggest problem i got - after using THEHAWKs extra.zip my touchpad and keyboard dont work using usb mouse/keyboard works.. installing voodoops2 dont get touchpad to work... copying appleps2.. into extra/EXTENSIONS dont work- getting error on boot i try pfix and kext... copy the boot and modules on hd to get the gma to work - on some boots it works - 1300 resolution .. on some boots 1024 resolution.. can anyone help me to solve my little probs? p.s. installing 10.6.3 - update to 10.6.4 update to 10.6.5 - booting sl from usb stick - installing voodoops2 - installation failed...(cant install...) after reboot keyb.touchpad dont work thx for your help a little tutorial can help
  2. Asus EEE 1215N

    installed 10.6.3 from usb stick booting from usb and install works fine after installing - booting from usb and choosing sl from hdd sl boots - installing comboupdate 10.6.4 ends in " an error occured" after restart (from usb ) systeminformation shows 10.6.4 installing 10.6.5 ends also in " an error occured" but shows also fine in systeminformation try to install chameleon 5 - install works fine reboot - chameleon shows sl and win7 ( got 2 partitions..) choose sl - grey display , apple logo - thats all... booting gparted and set the sl partition on "boot" results in the same problem... i try some other versions of chameleon... everytime the same..cant get the boot from hd to work. also copy the boot from the boot.zip into root and modules to extras - restart.. starting from usb sl starts but also 1024 resolution gma950.. can anybody help me to get the boot up from hdd to work, and the resolution problem ? thats all i want - ion2 would be fine - but for the moment i dont it... reading some tuts for other eeepc´s testing out some solutions... the result is the same boot dont work - or kernel panic... (p.s also playing around with guid and mbr - the same... ) a little tutorial how to setup the 1215n would be great... ( after 5 weeks of testing and installing...) thx
  3. [Solved] Can't boot up SL without BootCD

    got exact the same problem on a netbook but i install sl from a usb stick sl 10.6.3 on usb stick osinstall installed on usb stick booting and installing from usb on mbr works fine sl boots up - using chameleon on osx partition without usb stick, chameleon shows the osx partition and the win7 partition if i try the osx partition only the flashing cursor appears... booting from the usb stick and choosing the osx hdd partition works fine... i also tested guid partition - the same problem - install works fine - but booting sl without the usb stick dont work... any help are welcome
  4. Asus EEE 1215N

    got some new probs i also using sl on 1215n... used sl 10.6.3 iso to make my usb stick after install on usb stick finished i uses netbookinstaller on the usb stick to boot from boot from usb stick let me install sl on the intern hd i boot from usb stick and choose my fresh sl installation from hd first boot will take some time...but sl will start... my problem is, i cant boot into sl without the usb stick.. if i drop the stick and boot from hd - a grey screen appears - nothing more.. chameleon is installed... the chameleon screen on startup appears - i can choose win7 or osx on osx grey screen - stop with booting from usb stick my fresh sl installation boots up and works.. anyone can help me out to fix this problem? thx.
  5. Asus EEE 1215N

    what is the way u installed SL? create a usb stick with sl 10.6.3 - using netbook bootmaker(netbook installer will give kernel panic like frosty told) booting from usb stick - installing sl on the internal hd booting sl from internal hd using usb stick Chameleon-2.RCr516.pkg - installing boot0 + boothf reboot - grey display - apple logo shown..freeze without the usb stick no sl boot from hd installing osx86tools - installing efi + fdisk - reboot - boot0 error without the usb stick no sl boot from hd well... it seems i got no luck with sl for the moment.... if we got a way to create a working sl (standard) on our 1215n (for now without ion/gma / wlan support(broadcom) a tutorial would be great - to help others with the same problems greetz
  6. Asus EEE 1215N

    hello trying to install SL 10.6.3 on a 1215n well... i updated to the latest bios version windows 7 works fine using snow leopard 10.6.3 retail iso + notebook bootmaker (latest) using a 8gb USB stick disabling wlan/lan/boot boost/ in bios bios settings ahci (sata) booting from usb stick resulting in - unknown chipset 0xa0008086, please email id to meklort@gmail.com the same with 10.6 image only the iatkos s3 version starts from usb stick - install works (on internal hd) after installing grey display - apple symbol - nothing happens... using -v option some text (to fast to read, but i read something about cant ...smibios..) after this black screen - nothing happens... got any solution ? damn (( on my s10 everything works fine - but the 1215n make me cry :/ some others in here got sl working on 1215n - wondering why sl dont work on my 1215 ... greetz