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  1. :censored2: how come this doesnt work for me =(
  2. Sounds like you ran into a problem i had before where windows wouldnt see my drive. So I downloaded gparted which seen my drive and I was able to reformated my drive to ntfs and windows picked it up. Give that a try. http://gparted.sourceforge.net/
  3. Apparently you have to go into a specific menu you install on a GPT partition. Using your Vista x64bit disk. http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/platf.../UEFIGuide.mspx. I havent had a chance to try this but i dont think its going to work since i dont have EFI unless some how chameleon is going to allow me to get to this menu. Different UEFI firmware implementations support different methods for handling the installation operation. For UEFI firmware based primarily on the Intel TianoCore framework: 1. Insert the installation DVD and restart the computer. 2. When the firmware starts to initialize, press F10 and then open the UEFI firmware boot device menu. 3. Select EFI DVD/CD as the boot device, which causes the system to display Hit any key to boot from the DVD. After that message appears, you must press a key within 5 seconds to continue the installation. After you press the key, the firmware uses the UEFI-specific boot information on the installation DVD to boot into the Windows PE for UEFI. If the computer does not have a Boot from EFI CD or DVD option, you can use either of the following ways to boot into Windows PE for UEFI: • Use Device Manager's Firmware option and select Boot from file. • Use the EFI internal shell, as follows: • Start the EFI internal shell from the EFI boot menu and select the drive with the installation DVD. The following example assumes that the DVD drive is Fs0: Shell> Fs0: • Start the EFI boot application. There are separate applications for x64 and Intel Itanium systems. For an x64 system, run the following command: fs0:> \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI For an Intel Itanium system, run the following command: Fs0:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA64.EFI • After the application starts, the system displays the following message: Press any key to boot from CD or DVD… • Press a key to continue booting from the installation media.
  4. I snagged a copy of vista x64 and I still get the cant install on gpt partition problem. =(
  5. I was wondering if it was possible to dual boot Leopard and Vista on the same drive that's partition via guid? I attempted this already by shrinking my Leopard install down and creating a separate partition for Vista. The problem occurred when I booted from my Vista install cd and tried to select that partition to install but I received an error saying something along the lines cant install on a GPT style partition. Does anyone have any ideas? I figure its possible because doesn't boot camp work that way? -guh
  6. I think i got "boot1:error" something like that. Someone mentioned that i could maybe copy the files i have from my boot 132 cd to my mac install and use that to boot into my windows install but i dont know how to do that or what files are needed.
  7. I having trouble setting dual booting up. I have two hard drives. Vista that is MBR and Leopard that is Guid with chameleon installed. I tried using EasyBCD but for some reason it doesn't work i get an error. I guess it doesn't know where the leopard install is. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. guh

    Hello sir,

    Ive had great success using your tutorials in the past. I was wondering if you would be putting a guide together for the new Boot-132 stuff.



  9. guh

    Blue Screen Hang

    Well Todd I think I fixed my issue. I plugged my LCD into the dvi port closest to the motherboard and it seems to work correctly now. I can now turn monitor on and off without it staying blue. But to answer your questions. I turned off both. No usb ports. Desktop. Thanks guh
  10. guh

    Blue Screen Hang

    I turned off sleep. I could turn in back on and test that when i get home from work. Added specs to my signature. I now wonder if I plugged my LCD in the same DVI port I used for my CRT and if that would make any difference.
  11. I just recently purchased an Acer 22" LCD to replace my bulky 19" CRT. Whenever I power on my LCD the system hangs at a blue screen and I have to press the reboot button on the front of my system. After that everything runs fine until I power off and power on my LCD. It never did this with the CRT. I have my machine set to never go to sleep if that is any help. Guh
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew of a alternative to RivaTuner? My 8800gt tends to get hot so I am looking to bump the fan speed up. Thanks guh