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  1. Send me STEALTHs-MacBook-Pro.zip. I would appreciate if you could patch my dsdt for me especially to enable audio with AppleHDA, brightness fix, power management, boot glitches and other fixes necessary for full MacOS experience. Would appreciate if list of patches applied can be listed for my personal learning purposes. Thanks. Regards.
  2. ugooh

    Fixed no kext load issue

    Hi manor can you please explain how to use these files. Can you please explain how to enable QE/CI. I have gone as far as intalling the two kexts and efi string. Also can you please share the applesmbios you used. I have a vaio vpceb12fx
  3. hello, please can anyone help me to install snow leopard on my vaio vpceb12fx. i have tried several guides to no avail. one thing that i think is one of the problem is that htere is no option in bios to change to AHCI mode. attached is my system profile from everest and cpuz. Thanks. Everest_report_system_report.pdf STEALTH_VAIO.html
  4. Hi thanks. Please can you direct me to the forum and thread? I would appreciate that. Thanks again
  5. Hi this is the bios setting of my laptop My_Bios_and_mac_osx_install_error.rarEverest_report_system_report.pdf. So having seen my bios setup, how do i change to ahci and acpi. The system is a sony vaio vpceb12fx. Your assisstance is really needed as i would love to have snow leopard run on my system. For your info i also tried iportable wsithout success. Tried it (iportable) on my old acer aspire 5610z, core duo, on an external hdd and it worked. But the same keeps rebooting my vaio,immediately after applying the boot flags. used different types and combinations of boot flags. Thanks
  6. Hi it's me again. I've managed to install ideneb 1.6 but had problem booting it. After installation, i restarted but cannot boot inti it. Can you give me a detailed guide on how you installed iDeneb 1.6 and how to update it to 10.6.5. here's what i got when i tried to boot off the hdd after ideneb 1.6 ideneb 1.6 boot error
  7. i should have added that there is no option to change SATA TO AHCI in my bios. Does this matter? Thanks for your reply to my post. I should have added that there is no option to change SATA TO AHCI in my bios. Does this matter? Thanks
  8. i have tried severally to install snow leopard on my vaio vpceb12fx laptop without success. please i would like to know if it is possible to install on this laptop or not. Please find below image from install failure http://img59.imageshack.us/i/iatkosinstallation.jpg/ system config here is another error when installing snow leopard 10.6 using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method install error