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  1. Ozmosis

    Asus P8Z77-M/i5-3570/GTX 650ti (UEFI)/Clover/10.8.5 I waited for this project, from the moment of the publication on kickstarter. Seems to me, this excellent continuation of idea of Cartri. But without participation of developers - I doubt that it is possible to make something. I try to persuade the Clover developers to pay attention to this project, but everyone thinks it's a bad idea. Sorry for my English.
  2. Ozmosis

    Returned to Clover. It's all a waste of time.
  3. Ozmosis

    The system boots from the fifth or sixth time.And when that happens there is no message (kernel[0]: SMC::smcReadKeyAction ERROR: kSMCReadKeyComm/kSMCReadKeyWithSMCComm failed for key REV (kSMCSuccess) in log. The installation also fails to start on grey screen with with a rotating wheel, as it happens in the absence of fakesmc
  4. Ozmosis

    Problems with the system boot (fakesmc): 14.09.13 16:51:33,000 kernel[0]: SMC::smcReadKeyAction ERROR: kSMCReadKeyComm/kSMCReadKeyWithSMCComm failed for key REV (kSMCSuccess) MacOS 10.8.5
  5. Ozmosis

    How to modify the DSDT in the BIOS? How to insert a DSDT.aml in AmiBoardInfo?
  6. Ozmosis

    What is the difference between sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:SystemSerial=replace and sudo nvram 4D1FDA02-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B30102:BaseBoardSerial=Replace ? And what about the iMac13,2?
  7. link to GenericCSR.zip is dead, pls reload it