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  1. Calling all ATI Radeon HD Owners

    Well i have my 6950/6970 bios here. but its not supported yet.
  2. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    any new things regarding the 6900 series??
  3. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    well i forgot to enable ACHI thing in the bios. now it works. but i have a question. 2 years ago i built my computer. but when i put 4 GB in (or a certain RAM module) i got CRC errors. can this be the reason why it says: could not install the nesseary suport files when i try to install OSX?? im still trying to figure out witch on the broken on is.
  4. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    yea.. i burned it on a cd-R. in the meantime i tryed to get OSX on a USB stick. but you need a real mac for that. and i dont have one. so i tryed it using vmware. but no luck. its says could not restore can not allocate memory. so im stuck. o btw. if i but iatkos in. its goes to the apple logo with the spinning thingy. after a while it shows a circle with a diagonal stripe in it. do you know what that means??
  5. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    ok i just got the retail Snow Leopard. no luck. not even to the apple with the loading wheel thingy. guess i need to find someone who did a sucsessfull install on there Neo3-FR. and does it matter if you have something installed on your pc.?? i mean windows.
  6. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    ok Thank You so no distros. experiment abit. check different bootloaders.. follow some guides that kinda match my motherboard specifications. ok gonna work on that this afternoon.
  7. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    ok thanks. im still learning this stuff at school so im just experimenting a bit. so you have any examples of the so said much easier guides?? otherwise im just gonna go with this one. and i can just use the latest version of MAX OSX??
  8. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    so just follow THIS guide and see what happens???
  9. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    like [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]???
  10. Introduce yourself

    hi. my name is ralph. quite ovious cause my name is ralph9994. my goal here is that i get a osx-win7 dualboot working on my system.
  11. iDeneb iATKOS whut?

    well i wanna dual boot windows 7 and MAC OSX. but im still confused. about all those repos and stuff. and witch one to take. hope someone can help me. SPECS: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 MSI P45 Neo3-FR motherboard 4GB RAM ATi 4870 P.S. I tried iATKOS s3 on my pc and that didn't work.