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  1. Arun Gahlawat™

    Fix Old Frame buffer issue ?

    By Applying x3100fb kext and a patch, i got my video memory increased to 512 Memory and the X3100 kext get loaded , But the display is completly unreadable. The Video is so corrupt that is hardly understandable. I think it is due to old and unsuitable FrameBuffer Kext ... Please suggest how to get the kext loaded with good display.. However with another kext My display is good and of 1280X800X32 res.. but not smooth But I Need it more responsive and Smooth. Also if Someone has 64bit kext that will be very kind.
  2. Arun Gahlawat™

    Lion 10.7.1 installed on intel dual core cpu.. BCM 4312 Now working..

    Thanks a lot Bro.. My WIFI now working Great.. i replaced applertl8169.kext plugin within ionetworking with my old from kexts.com and now both ethernet and wireless works great.. Now Just 1 Issue Remaining.. in Graphics.. though i have native 1280x800x32 display via chameleon but in system info it says no next loaded. it says 64mb of shared video memory while in windows it's 1309 mb shared... i think graphics might improve if the shared memory is changed to 1309 mb. 111.tiff
  3. Arun Gahlawat™

    SMBios - Can programs crash if wrong one used?

    hey guys, can you please tell me what would be the right smbios for following h/w : hp dv4 1404tu intel dual core t4300 3 gb ddr2 ram int gma 4200 graphics bcm 4312 wifi rtl 8169 lan it will be very kind if someone attach the edited smbios &dsdt ..
  4. Hi, i just installed lion on intel dual core cpu. hp dv4 1404tu.. there are following issues currently.. 1. no wifi detected while it worked great in sl10.6.8 . i tried coping ionetworkingfamily kext and 80211familykext frm sl but no success. tried editing built in io80211family kext's plugin airportbrcm4331 nd 43224 . no success. Now Works Great Both wifi and Ethernet. Thanks MacGTO 2. no battry : only icon shows from voodoobattery kext but can't detect the power source nd remaining power. fixed using appleacpibattery and voodoo battery kexts 3. when application folder is placed in dock ( because i don't like launchpad ) nd i launch apps from there it takes me to login window. changed view to spin and now it's ok. grid view still cause the problem. 4. no graphics kext loaded. it's intel gma 0x2a42. revision 0x0007
  5. hi, i used hazard 10.6.6i image and made a usb bootable from disk utility app . installed chameleon on it. rebooted and aftr loading kexts.. it stuck on "still waiting for root device" my laptop is HP dv4 1404 bios : insyde cpu : dual core t4300 320 gb hdd please tell what to do to avoid it
  6. Arun Gahlawat™

    Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    hi, i am little confused. i have a HP pavilion dv4 laptop with CPU : Pentium dual core ( t4300)@2.10ghz Instructions : MMX, SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S), EM64T Mainboard : ICH9-M BIOS : Insyde F.65 RAM : 3GB DDR2 HD : 320 GB (MBR) Graphics : Mobile Intel 4 Is it possible to install lion on it ?
  7. Arun Gahlawat™

    Help fix Resolution to 1280...

    Thanks Friends.... The kext AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext really worked for me. Used Kext helper app. for installation... and now i m on 1280x800 resolution and enjoying.... Thanks thanks thanks a lot guys.... Thanks to both of you friends and the IM Comm. for such a nice support... Thanks Gringo ... finally solved the problem... Thank you very much for let me know its gma 4500 ... i was searching for name mobile intel 4 express chipset ... Thank you very much .....
  8. Arun Gahlawat™

    Help fix Resolution to 1280...

    Greetings Guys, I have a HP DV4 1404 tu laptop with inbuilt Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphics Driver . After successfully installing of Mac OS X 10.6.2 by hazard every thing is fine and smooth except the screen resolution. in system preferences it is 1024x768. I also tried SwitchResX but it also can't change to 1280... Plz help me in correcting my resolution...