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  1. OSX 10.5.7 + GeForce 200?

    Are you saying SnowLeopard will ship with NVidia drivers which support commodity cards? ROM flashing scares me. I don't have gobs of spare cards lying around the house, unfortunately. I wouldn't mind giving CoreVidia a spin, provided I don't need to flash the card ROM. Is there a handy link on PCI plist editing and NVCAP editing? i am sure this info is buried in some thread somewhere, but i am hoping there's a definitive how-to someone put together. Sounds like I am almost better off waiting for the 10.6... Only a couple of months left, right? Thanks for your help. D'oh!!! Bloody bleedin' bastids!
  2. OSX 10.5.7 + GeForce 200?

    Hi all, I have a 2-yr-old Mac Pro w/dual-core intel. I have a third-party GeForce 260 in it (EVGA GTX 260, 896MB RAM), which I use with Windows dual-boot for games. Until recently, I have seen nothing to suggest that it ought to be usable on the Mac side. however, recently Apple released a GeForce 120 card w/512MB RAM, which uses the same chipset. This suggests that OS/X should now be capable to recognizing and using my GeForce 260, in theory. Does anyone know if anything can be done to make this a reality? My Mac-side card, the original 7300, is a piece of junk. My son just got World of Warcraft, and I I would like to install it on the Mac side on my home workstation, but on the 7300GT it will be sucking {censored} through a bendy straw. The Natit project seems to be catatonic, and I have a feeling I am missing something simple. Does anyone know whether anything can be done (other than waiting and praying for Snow Leopard to support commodity NVidia cards)? Thanks in advance.
  3. 7950GT 512MB on Mac pro

    Hi all, Sorry for starting a new topic, but I am doped on on painkillers after an operation, and I am having trouble wading though all the disparate instructions available in various threads. A lot of them seem to be for running OS/X on non-Apple hardware, which is not my situation. Can anyone tell me how close is Natit/Titan to supporting something like my BFG 7950GT 512MB video card on a Mac Pro? I am currently running my system with both the default 7300GT and the new 7950GT, one monitor on each, so that I can at least use it. I installed the Netit 1.0 installer. The system boots, but my second video card doesn't work, even though it's detected apparently: I tried installing the latest Netit.kext from the sticky thread, and it only made things worse -- on the monitor attached to 7300GT I gOt the grey boot screen, then the blue splash -- and then the dreaded black screen. I reverted to the previous version of Natit.kext. DevID doesn't seem to be my problem, since Natit seems to detect my card just fine. Given that I have a Mac Pro, and OS/X works fine otherwise, is there anything I can do now to get my 7950GT to work in OS/X, or is waiting for the next Natit release my only option?