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  1. wmarsh, Can you try the new method for the 5xxx range cards? I don't have 10.6.6 installed and I really don't want to do that if it doesn't work (I have a 4330 too)
  2. Fiber

    Finally QE/CI on Mobility 5650!

    So anyone else have a success story with this method?
  3. Fiber

    Finally QE/CI on Mobility 5650!

    Hmm hope someone can test it with the 4xxx range (I have a 4330). I'm not going to reinstall OSX just to find out it's not working.
  4. Fiber

    Finally QE/CI on Mobility 5650!

    How about other cards in the 5xxx range? or 4xxx?
  5. Now up to internal display Hope that somebody can make a guide for it when it works.. Yay!
  6. Too bad.. I was really hoping for this..
  7. Ahh yeah that's true.. I'm curious if this can be solved (and if someone here has the knowledge to do it).. I have a 4330 in my Probook 4710s, but it's an EFI laptop, would that be a problem (if it can be fixed)?
  8. Same as we had already then.. still no QE/CI.. Ah well.. too bad
  9. Too bad it's only for 5000 series..
  10. Hmmm would this work for 4xxx cards? I guess it's only for 5xxx and higher?
  11. Fiber

    How well does bootcamp work?

    Yeah sure, but the drivers on Windows are still Beta imho, the Wireless driver is still not very good, Bluetooth stack is incomplete (Bluetooth still works crappy).
  12. Fiber

    tapping in bootcamp

    Yeah but you can't tap left click, that's annoying. I love the way the touchpad behaves on the new macbook air though
  13. Fiber

    tapping in bootcamp

    Still not integrated in the driver.. Synaptics, the most common touchpad, has this, but the driver for the macbook pro touchpad still hasn't
  14. Fiber

    Horrible Stability - Macbook+BootCamp+Saffire Pro

    I'm sorry to say that I also encounter problems with the Firewire in the macbook (Mine is a 2nd gen 2.2ghz) I use a Tascam DM3200 mixer with Firewire expansion and it gives me exactly the same problems, has to re-lock the samplerate every 5-10 secs and drops out much. :censored2: Think it's in the firewire driver or something, tried every fix and it just doesn't work..
  15. Fiber

    HP Pavilion zd8000 and BOOT CAMP...HELPPPP!

    Because you don't own a mac, bootcamp is for EFI computers and almost every normal computer still uses BIOS (EFI is the replacement for BIOS, atleast, that's what it's supposed to be). And I don't see any reason why you would want bootcamp on a normal laptop.
  16. Only Rotate/Mirror, guess they removed it.
  17. That still doesn't make sure it is the GM. Only the final build number will.
  18. We'll see. Friday is the big day, then we'll know for sure. - Btw guys, check that Apple Museum site.. 10.5 Build list : 10.5 pre-release 9A241, 9A241e, 9A283, 9A303, 9A321, 9A343, 9A377a, 9A410, 9A499, 9A500n, 9A527, 9A559, 9A557, 9A581, 9A599 Last one, fault or.. ?
  19. Oh and I also doubt that it will change to 9A600, Apple has almost no build numbers like that, they seem random. (Look at : http://www.theapplemuseum.com/index.php?id=33 )
  20. I doubt that the build number will change.
  21. Don't think so, unless they dumped something from the DVD, because it's full. - I need to correct myself; The DVD has something like 790MB's left and then it's max.
  22. I uploaded 600mb's of Par2, should be enough to fix the thing.
  23. I believe it is. The betas had a different DVD index, no xcode tools or optional install. But well, we'll see. Could be because the DVD is full (Yes, 7.50GB burned, so almost no space), maybe because they were not finished, or as I said, maybe they'll just put them in an update for everyone who needs them.
  24. Just checked the DVD, isn't there.. Package for optional install and xcode tools are there though (Weren't there on the beta dvd's)
  25. I guess those will be in an update from Apple. But since Leopard isn't even officially released.. (Although it already has an update for Remote Desktop)