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  1. Has anyone got the ORIGINAL Developers DVD (marklar-tiger.dmg converted to .iso) working as a bootable install disc? I followed the bootable install disc guide from MacIntelGuy and I've gotten it to a gray apple screen with a rotating icon which just spins forever. It *should* be possible to just install this from a bootable DVD, just like in the original developer's transition kit. The TPM has been bypassed (supposedly); I've applied patches - it should just "work". My setup: Pentium 4 2.4ghz with SSE3 Abit IC7-MAX3 (intel 875P chipset) with builtin AC97 audio 512MB DDR ram video: GeForceFX 5400 AGP-card 2 IDE HDDs, DVD+RW drive, CD drive I've been burning various builds of the iso onto a DVD rewritable disc. It boots, but only gets to the gray apple screen. I've tried -v and -x, doesn't work. I tried disabling Serial ATA controller and a few other things in the BIOS, doesn't work. The output on the screen when I use -v indicates that there is a crash in malloc - trying to VM-allocate lots and LOTS of memory, which obviously I don't have. It finds the root device, gets an ethernet MAC address, etc. I wonder if this is because it's assuming that I have a hard drive partition set up for swap or something? I don't want to mess with the hassle of PearPC, VMWare, Linux, or anything else - there IS a guide for setting up a bootable install Tiger x86 DVD, so you'd think SOMEONE has it working. MacIntelGuy, or Anyone? Suggestions? Thanks!