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  1. iPhone OS 2.1 beta

    The Beta 3 has just been seeded to developers and still not available. Pleeeease , make it free for everyone, it will be easier for you to get support on new APIs. Thanks again.
  2. There is a new iphone sdk 2.1 out somewhere but it seems only some devs can download it from the dev center. Is there an alternative way to get it ? TX.
  3. Did anyone achieve this ? Here is what I did: 1/I created a static Library target for iPhone using the choose panel for targets. 2/ Changed the MAC-O type from 'static' to 'dynamic' 3/ Set the install path to @loader_path/ (also tried @executable_path/ with same results) In the main app: 4/ linked to this library, added a Copy phase and choosed 'Executable' in the popup with no subpath , added the lib to this phase. 5/ built both targets. It compiles fine , the main app launches and then crashes with the first call to a method included in the library. (Unrecognize selector ... blabla) What the matter ? How can I check if the library code is loaded or not ? Thanks for any help.
  4. When using XIB objects , this works but I don't understand why. In Cocoa applicationDidFinishLaunching: was called BEFORE awakeFromNib, meaning before all objects are decoded, or I'm completely wrong ?
  5. Hi all, I discovered it is actually possible to load a Nib automatically. The IB 3 beta2 release notes explains you must add manually a key to the Info.plist dictionary, like this: <key>NSMainNibFile</key> <string>MainWindow</string> That's all. I got a nib loaded and the awakeFromNib handler of an IB instanciated object is called. But ... the simulator crashes with a message "this class is not key-value compliant with the <outlet name> key". I tried to use IBOutlet with properties but it still crashes. Please, try it and tell me. The good news is that it is possible to avoid all the tricky code i've seen above.
  6. Leopard WWDC Sessions

    The NDA is now over so please post these leopard session video somewhere. It's not for fun, it's for educational and research purpose. Of course you will get something in return ...
  7. Build 9a527

    There is something I don't understand. If, as some are telling, the real torrent was polluted with a fake, why azureus did'nt detect the change ? Azureus does a hash check, does he ? There is a very efficient way to check if it's a fake. Open the partial download with an Hex Editor. If it's full of zeros (like the demonoid one), no doubt it's a fake.
  8. 9a527 is here

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that the 9a527 from green daemon is a fake ? I opened it with an hex editor and it seems it's full of zeros !

    Can anyone do a diff between 9A499 and 9A500N to see what files where modified. I assume the package has this new xar format very difficult to read. This would be the simpliest way but of course, you need 2 systems. TX.
  10. Installing 10.5 on BootCamp Partition

    Yes, you can install it without DVD. Restore the DMG on a partition (ipod, firewire HD, ...), then boot in this partition and install Leopard to your bootcamp partition. BTW, if you can't reformat your bootcamp partition, try running disk utility from the install disk (or restored partition). This is what I did.
  11. 9a410 leaked

    96.7 % ! Too bad I have to go to sleep now. We vote tomorrow, don't forget !
  12. 9a410 leaked

    A whois on the tracker shows it is located in Switzerland. So: « S'il vous plait les gars, revenez et je vous offre du chocolat ! » <Add German translation here> Perhap's they are away on hollidays and they don't know their tracker is down.
  13. 9a410 leaked

    In the nova one, I have a "connexion refused" error. So I wonder if the problem comes from the seeder or the tracker. Can anyone confirm this connexion error ?
  14. Question about 9a377a client install DVD

    I can answer you but first you need to tell me from where you got it (BTW, the answeris: the archives format changed in Leopard. it's now XAR http://code.google.com/p/xar/)
  15. Hi folks, Can you tell us about what's new for Xcode tools in 9a377 ? Is the predicate templates editor in IB back or still lacking like in 9a343 ?