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  1. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Into AppleHda is modified the library AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver and AppleHDAPlatformDriver both are into Applehda/plugins,the VoodooHda have too much kp when boot. Sorry VoodooBattery I forget put into my package. The brigthness work with F12 how a real Macbookpro keyboard. I don´t like Voodoo solutions. In bios setup change Legacy Usb to disable and Usb charge to disable. The sleep problem is for Sleep Usb Charge feature ,I work to disable it in dsdt. The lid sleep function too I work on it too ,no work because the lids variable of dsdt is in gfx0 device in place nvid device. The marvell yukon only work on 32bits boot with my modified kext when work in 64bits boot too ,I upload it. I upload a dsdt of real Macbookpro dsdtMBP61.zip
  2. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    I think sleep problem is for USB Charging Sleep feature in this model of notebook ,I probe with original dsdt for original (modified) Macbookpro 6,1 dsdt and problem with sleep persist ,I probe disconecting WebCam and Bluetooth and nothing.
  3. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    My package: R580.zip
  4. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    R580-JS08ES Core I5 2400 4gb Segate Momentus Xt Hybrid 320 Gb Gt330 1Gb Geekbench 64b In Extra/Extensions Only: AppleACPIPS2Nub ApplePS2Controller Fakesmc In System/Library/Extensions Replace: AppleHda.kext IoAudioFamily.kext The marvell yukon soon 88E8059 Is for bios R580_11JB My package are in previous post
  5. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    I have a R580 and later insert my dsdt .All work ok but the sleep no work.Any suggerences? Geekbench 5580 points with my dsdt.Sound work best than VoodooHda with AppleHda modified I insert too later.Sorry for my bad English