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  1. I’ve figured out one thing: by mistake my InjectIntel was ticked as yes. And that was giving me a crash. I’ve unchecked the same and now I’m back to just nothing... when I connect the HDMI, nothing happens. I tried going to Settings>Display and then tried doing “Detect Display” and still got nothing.. please, can someone help me ?
  2. So I compiled a new Whatevergreen.kext with New Lily (Debug) and used it. This time when I plugged in my HDMI, the system restarted...
  3. Hey! Please guide me a bit more on this.. Couldn't get it fixed. My entries are in the attached picture. System boots fine and I even have 2GB of VRAM. Still, no HDMI :'( PLEASE HELP...... Thank you!!
  4. Hey! So I tried it... inserted the required data but still don’t have any HDMI output... please help... also, how to get the battery status ? thank you!
  5. ok... I will try that... DSDT is not necessary now ? Thanks headkaze!
  6. Thank you! I verified and successfully edited the lines as suggested and now the system boots fine. Only that my old DSDT won't work anymore. No HDMI Display. Any solution to that ? Thanks a ton man!
  7. I’ll give this a try... thank you so much for the effort.. I’ll report back..
  8. Hey! Thanks for the response mate! There isn’t any option in my BIOS which says anything about DVMT it minimum allocated memory. I checked Windows and saw that the minimum memory given is 128 MB already. I’ve read somewhere that we should reduce 32MB from what windows shows and it’s then the minimum allocated memory. i think it’s alright ? rectify me if I’m wrong.. thanks again!!
  9. I think the “Whatevergreen.kext” does include all those fixes? Is there something that I should be doing to enable the same ??
  10. Anything ? Any leads ? I’m kind of stuck here!
  11. Doesn’t work... same KP related to IntelKB framebuffer.....
  12. Hey! Thanks for the response Hervé! I was reading the whatevergreen article... it asked to not inject Intel ? I think I tried the MacBookPro14,3 ID... I will give it a try again... will revert back...
  13. Dear All, I followed the Olarila (MaLd0N's) guide and made the Mojave USB. I had to install the system using an invalid GPU FakeID (0x12345678) to get past the KP. Even after installation, my system going into KP if I don't use this invalid fakeid. With the FakeID, my system reports 7mb VRAM with Intel HD630. I am using the DSDT from my 10.13 installation. Used: Whatevergreen.kext Tried putting different FakeIDs Put the Whatevergreen and Lilu in /Library/Extensions Tried without Whatevergreen. The same setup used to work with 10.13. My Laptop details are in my signature. This is the link to the last time MaLd0N helped me get 10.13 working: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/332021-msi-gv62-7re-1013-installation/ Please help anyone. Thanking you
  14. ACDindia

    MSI GV62-7RE 10.13 Installation

    Hey! I can not see the error you are getting? Can you please send me a clearer picture of the same ? Also, which Clover are you using ? The one provided by MaLD0n here or something else?
  15. ACDindia

    MSI GV62-7RE 10.13 Installation

    Thanks MaLd0n! I will give it a try! Yes, you can update all the software with ease like a real mac.... Just the macOS update requires some prior wrk..