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    Hey, Long time Mac user here, My mac just died so I dug out this old Gateway 310 collecting dust in the basement. It took me 3 days to to get install right. Dual boot Windows 7 first hdd then iAtkos 1.0i R3 on the second hdd Chameleon 2.0 for the OS X loader. I posted the instructions on how I did it here. If you need more help feel free to message me. Everything I have in this worked right out of the box with a patched sse2 only kernel. It works perfect and FAST! All the animations and sounds! Loving this but I did have Snow Leopard so going back to Leopard is funny... Thanks for the help! Meat
  2. MeatHammer420

    Gateway 310 DV845GVSR!

    This is what I did to make iAtkos 1.0i R3 work on my Gateway 310 with a DV845GVSR Motherboard, Intel Celeron 2.8 GHZ SSE2 768 MB RAM. This is 100% working on a dual HDD system. First hdd has Windows 7 on it as well as EASYBCD 2.0 to configure the boot options later. So now onto installing iAtkos 10.5.1, I used partition wizard to format my second hdd as FAT32 and PRIMARY. After you have that done then restart off the Mac OS X DVD. Once it gets up and running you need to open DISK UTILITY and Partition the FAT32 drive with ONE partition as Mac OS Extended (journaled) and under OPTIONS there you need to make it MBR to work with chameleon later. Once that is done then continue with the steps to choose the HDD we formated and then MAKE SURE TO CLICK CUSTOMIZE and add the correct drivers for your system. The ones for my Gateway 310 are: DARWIN X86 BOOTLOADER, The Titan driver for the GEFORCE FX5200 as well as NVINJECT 256. You can pick the kernel that works for you. I had to actually download a seperate kernel for SSE2 ONLY (GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND/AND I WILL TRY TO ATTACH THE SAME ONE I USED TO THIS THREAD) and drop it in the / of the mac HDD for Chameleon to see the kernel to boot. USE MACDRIVE TO SEE YOUR MAC HDD AFTER INSTALL IN WINDOWS SO YOU CAN ADD THE KERNEL! Then install your correct NIC driver. Mine was the intel pro/100 ve. So then NOTHING under system drivers if you are on a gateway 310, I also installed temp monitor. So then you are ready to install let that run it should take about 15 mins. After the install is over the comp will reboot back to windows. Once there open BCD and add a new boot entry under the MAC tab. Rename the install to Mac OS X and then leave it on EFI DEFAULT. then press add entry. Go back to make sure there are now 2 boot entrys one for 7 and one for X. Then restart, When you get to the easybcd boot options choose MAC OS X that should load up CHAMELEON 2.0 - RC4 and it should have a blue bar and it will say press any key to boot MAC OS X. If you get a CANT FIND MACH_KERNEL error then restart to windows and drop the SSE2 ONLY kernel that we downloaded before in the / of the MAC OS X HDD use MACDRIVE (GOOGLE) to see MAC FORMAT HDDs. Once you drop the SSE2 ONLY KERNEL into the / of the mac hdd then restart and choose MAC OS X from the boot menu and it should boot right into MAC OS X!! Congrats and feel free to email me with any questions. jakehexum79@yahoo.com