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  1. Make bootable USB from DMG on Windows

    Here's what I'm trying. I'll come back and let you know if it works: Currently having TransMac make the usb boot stick. But you say it won't be bootable... well I think we need to use a boot loader no? Ehhhh. All the guides talk about using osx to make the usb stick. My plan was to burn the DMG with TransMac (which failed. have 2 dvd's left to try) and once I had the DVD, to install it on vmware after booting it with the snowy vmware files. (a boot loader for using snow leopard on vmware)...and from there, make a real USB stick from the disk utility, having installed snow leopard on the vmware... its weird like backwards or recursive or something....kind of process. but i have not found a way to convert DMG to ISO, which would let me then mount the ISO and see it from vmware to install i think. Might just have to wait till I can get my friend to come over with his macbook pro someday. edit: 11/23 haha. I saw this earlier and it helped me figure something out, so I wanted to give thanks to the author and share what I accomplished and how. Then I found out it was Me who wrote it a month and a half ago. Well it seem to be working. Installed Snow Leopard on VMWare via a guide I found with darwin_snow. Then I use the DVD to restore to a flash drive from Disk Utility. Next step is to follow Tweak's guide here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189052. Only difference is he is using a real osx install and I am using a vmware install. Fingers crossed that it will work when I'm done.