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  1. HP XW8600 ?

    you don't need to use (install) Linux, just download a live distro and run it directly, no install necessary from the CD/DVD or USB flash drive. I think Lion may actually be easier to install as you won't have to deal with the IOATAFamily kernel panic. I don't have a copy of Lion so can't help with anythng specific related to that editon peace out
  2. HP XW8600 ?

    Easiest path is to have two blank hard drives to begin with... Boot into a Live distro of Linux, I used Ubuntu 10.10 FYI, though that's not critically important Then use dd in linux to copy the entire OS X DVD - I used 10.6.0 dd if=/dev/(your CD/DVD device) of=/dev/(device name of one of your blank hard drives) eg dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb Use fdisk -l to check the device names or something like disk utility or gparted Once you've got the DVD duplicated to one hard drive you can navigate to the relevant kexts and either remove or modify the contents using nautilus - "gksu nautilus" will get the window manger running under root privileges Remove IOATAFamily.kext if booting from a duplicate of anything lower than 10.6.3 Edit the info.plist inside the AppleAHCIPORT.kext, there is a device id 2681 in the second set of devices, change it to 2682 and save. I can't give you a step by step as I hosed my install at least half a dozen times and had to recover it with various means Using ###### or another Chameleon boot disk (CD) to start booting from the hard drive installer. Once the system in installed, you will have to remove the IOATAFamily.kext from the installed system, otherwise it won't boot correctly. Updating to 10.6.8 was as simple as downloading the combo Update and running. peace out
  3. HP XW8600 ?

    Hey Guys a tip for you Change the PCI device ID in AppleAHCIPORT.kext -> info.plist from 2681 -> 2682 and all 6 sata ports will run natively. Run lspci to verify your device ID's first. device ID's 2681, 2682 and 2683 are all for the 631xESB/632ESB SATA AHCI/RAID controller, as the BIOS/EFI supports both AHCI and RAID simultaneously. http://cateee.net/lk.../SATA_AHCI.html Currently booting 10.6.8 from SATA drive connected to the Lsi SAS Port, but all 6 SATA ports appear in system profiler, with both NTFS connected drives mounting and reading correctly. I haven't benchmarked or tested the SATA ports/drives, but the drives mount and read perfectly. Also found that the broadcom kext needed the upper case B for the device ID changed to lower case for the network ports to appear in system profiler peace out