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  1. 64 bit?

    Thanks for the update : )
  2. What do i need? is my hardware Compatible?

    I dont know, I seems that when installing there are certain packages for i7 Procesor (at least there are into my iATKOS v7 & s3 DVD)
  3. Weird DVD Sleep Problem

    In my life and in all my research about troubleshots of hackintosh, never heard about it, even my laptop that the disk reader acts like in boot making a adjusment sound every 3 or 5 minutes is not any like your problem, try other hacintosh version to see if happens the same, anything else keep the tray open or stuck with something to evade distract you (im concient this post can end on failblog.org)
  4. What do i need? is my hardware Compatible?

    well, you can seek into the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) on osx86.org, if is a laptop, search in portable computers, if is a fabric made pc, search in desktop computers, if is assembled or you havent finded your computer, search into components.... you may find the proper version for your pc, and certain details, but seeing your components, is probable.... just select the correct drivers (Choice AHCI SATA driver and not Intel SATA driver (make sure you have Native SATA support activated))
  5. 64 bit?

    Snow Leopard uses Hybrid 32-64 core, so if your computer is 64 bit capable, will be able to use 64 bit kext

    Have you tried from install disk selecting Voodoo HDA
  7. Boot iAKTOS S3 Ver. 2 from USB

    I guess that what you want sounds impossible, you will need the mac install disk or a pc with mac installed to backup install dvd and restore to usb...
  8. Unable to get to boot into OS after install

    mmm I seems that the error is in the Intel SATA/IDE, go to windows and run everest (if you have it installed, if not, download it) and go to moterboard\chipset and check if your southbridge is upper ICH5, if is, go to your bios setting and activate Native SATA support and in packages select AHCI SATA, if is lower, then choice Intel SATA Driver, my board is a ICH8 and i choose that driver, make sure that you select proper drivers for ps2, ethernet and video, no choice all packages from a kind, choice only the specific package, be sure to use charmeleon bootloader... Be sure you have all detail of your hardware using everest I have same iATKOS version in my Presario C700, you will like it.... Wish you luck
  9. a frustrating memory problem

    I have got the same trouble after running applications on crossover.... but it is a way to reduce it???... to ensure no trouble comes