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  1. Please Please dsdt help over here!

    Unfortunately I don't have an option in the BIOS to enable S3. It's a Compal FL90 laptop, with "limited options" BIOS But as I can see in the kernel logs S3 is already enabled (I believe). I'm getting a new laptop (Dell E5510N) which has only a Intel HD Graphics (GMA 5700) which is unsupported by Apple, so I guess I will experiment some more with FL90. Thanks for your help.
  2. Please Please dsdt help over here!

    Hi MaLd0n, unfortunately it's still the same even with the new dsdt. Here is the output of the iostat: "CSTInfo" = 19136773 and I also attached the output of kextstat: kextstat.txt Thank you very much for your help! Miha
  3. Please Please dsdt help over here!

    Hi MaLd0n, thanks for the DSDT. I've tried it, but is doesn't work. It's all the same. So system goes to sleep, on wake the system power led turns on, the CD/DVD drive turns on, hard drive turns on and that's all. No fans, monitor is also blank. I can't ping the machine. I suspect that some "part" of PC doesn't turn on. What exactly do you mean by "Use NativePM"? Should I enable/disable something? I have set hibernatemode=3 and also tried with hibernatemode=0, doesn't help. I installed the latest Chameleon 2.0-RC5 build r650. I enabled Generate P-states and C-states (I don't know if it has something to do with Wake). So how can I troubleshoot wake problem? In the logs (system.log, kernel.log) there is nothing interesting, all info I can find regarding sleep is: loginwindow[29]: loginwindow SleepWakeCallback WILL sleep In the /E/E i have only those: FakeSMC.kext, IONetworkingFamily.kext, VoodooBattery.kext I wonder why system don't start correctly from wake image (I get progress bar and then reboot), maybe the sleep process don't complete correctly so wake image is not created correctly? Thank you very much, Miha
  4. Please Please dsdt help over here!

    Hi, I also have the same problem with Compal FL90. It will go to sleep (with DSDT fix from here and EHC1 & EHC2 fix on page 19), but it will not wake up. In fact it wakes up to black screen, the CD-ROM turns on but there is no fan (CPU). I have to turn it down and then start it up again. But when starting it try to Wake up and it even shows the screenshot of the screen as it was before sleep with a progress bar, but when it comes to 100% computer reboots. So I have to start it with Wake=No to boot. So on this Polish site as much I can tell they managed to fix wake up issue with DSDT (i used Google translate so I'm not 100% sure). I applied that DSDT but still no wake up. But without that DSDT (especially the fix for EHC1 & EHC2 on page 19) PC don't even go to sleep. I attached DSDT from that site, so you don't have to register there to check it out. I see some reference to VoodooHDA, is it possible that this is causing problems? Regards, Miha FL90_mod_314TeR_v2.0___MBP_look__1_.zip