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  1. Realtec RTL8192SU

    yes, i know, but there must be a newer driver than the one on the CD that came with the stick.
  2. Realtec RTL8192SU

    Do you have a lion driver?
  3. Realtec RTL8192SU

    Hi guys, i got Lion working in my new Intel rig, but my Wi-Fi-Stick gives KP when I install the driver. On SL it worked fine. Also I don´t find a newer driver at the realtek page. Any help or do I have to buy a new stick(again )
  4. 10.6.6 released

    On intel i just needed several trys. BUT AMD does still not work. I must type my password and then app store freezes
  5. 10.6.6 released

    Can anyone with amd download apps??????
  6. 10.6.6 released

    ok, laptop is working now. Can anyone with an AMD machine try to download an app please?
  7. 10.6.6 released

    I updated my notebook and my amd desktop and 10.6.6 works but appstore freezes at downloading an app
  8. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    thank you, brightness control is working now and laptop stays cooler after deleting evoreboot.kext and bootimg in 32 bit-mode.
  9. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Speedstep is not working for me too and brightness is always max. Can someone please have a look at my untouched dsdt and tell me what i have to do?dsdt.aml.zip @yasolik: Schreibs auf Englisch dann würdens mehr verstehen. Habs oben geschrieben was auch bei dir nicht geht!
  10. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    So what fixes can I apply without screwing my laptop? Once again: i have i3 330m and gt330m
  11. Sucessful AMD installation- some bugs

    ok, quicktime working fine now. But why is Safari not displaying this page correctly? I always need several tries to see this. Mostly there is white screen And is there no kext for my AVM-WLAN-Stick(is it only popular in Germany? )
  12. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Well, our devices seem to be good for hackintoshing. But can I use the R780-DSDT also on R580 with i3 CPU and gt330m? Sound is alc 269 and not alc 889.
  13. Hi, i installed 10.6.5 retail via nawcom boot cd on my AMD machine: Phenom 9950BE Radeon hd4870 1GB Pegatron ap480-s MoBo(crappy OEM stuff) It works but there are some bugs: On websites with lots of pictures, there is just a white screen on Safari. Insanelymac is best example. Possibly graphics card, but QE/CI is fully working (graphicsenabler=yes)Bootloader is chameleon RC5 package. Quicktime is still crashing, already patched dylibs. This is due to AMD, maybe will never work. My WiFi USB-Stick(AVM Fritz! Stick) is not working. Is there any kext for it?
  14. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    this also works on models with gt330m?
  15. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Yes, fine for my R580. Thanks very much, now everything is fully working. Only the brightness keys do not work but I don´t mind this