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  1. I installed the iDeneb 10.5.8 and selected the network card driver (Broadcom 440x) of my notebook (ACER ASPIRE 5610), but when checking the settings, it does not appear. I started with the Mac with -V and realized the message: FAILED OBJECT AppleBCM440XEthernet.. I have done everything, I changed .Kexts, IONETWORKFamily, NetworkInterfaces and nothing!! I NEED HELP!! ty ======================================= DELETE ~HPET.KEXT in S/L/E (bkp first), reboot and have fun!!!!! WORK'S ON 10.5.8 AND 10.6.2
  2. I would like test iwi3945 rel 674 in my laptop.. where i can download it ? download r unavailable at http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/
  3. Instalado

    ENTÃO.. pesquisei e nao encontrei o .kext da sua placa de rete! :////// vc já caçou nos outros foruns?
  4. Novato tomando uma surra com osx

    baixa o LEOPARD TOH do piratebay.. eu nao instalei mas se fosse instalar seria ele...
  5. Problemas com Mac OS X 10.4.10

    amigo, boota aí com -s -x -v -r -s daí quando traver bate uma foto e posta aki!!!
  6. Instalado

    qual é sua placa de rede ?
  7. mac.nub 10.4.10

    try boot with: -x -v -r -s -f mount with mount -uw / cd system/library/extensions sudo chown -R root:wheel *.kext sudo chmod -R 755 *.kext reboot done if don't work, backup your IONetworkingFamily.kext to another folder out of extensions folder and delete the KEXT from extensions after cd /system/library sudo rm -rf extensions.* reboot
  8. Jalavoui, can you send me the tool that you are using do develop the driver. My laptop have iwi3945, and I would like to help you. Pls send me a zip with the tool and the project iwi3945abg thanx
  9. Leopard ToH

    pegasusbsb27 !!! Cara!! adorei o seu post! AhuAHuAh é o que eu realmente estou procurando: um Leopard para instalar a partir do Tiger. Estou procurando um .torrent para baixar e instalar em cima do meu JaS 10.4.10 .. daí acredito eu que nao precisarei reinstalar os softwares... Você acha que se eu puxar o .ISO do torrent, montar ele no tiger e clicar em instalar ele vai funcionar? Teria como vocÊ postar o torrent do leo q vc tá usando aí pra gente fazer o download ?? valeu
  10. Kalyway 10.5.1 em português

    Pessoal, Eu utilizo o OSX 10.4.10 e estou querendo instalar o Leopard. Tem como instalar por cima do osx para eu nao ter q reinstalar os softwares novamente? Outra coisa, a instalação dele é igual a do OSX tiger, ou seja, é só colocar o dvd no driver e selecionar o disco com o Utilitário de Disco? pq estou com medo de perder a partição do windows vista!!! Outra coisa, alguem aí pode postar o link do torrent? abraços
  11. I canWhere I can found the app to make changes in the source drive and compile it to dmg ?
  12. My Broadcom 440x was working on 10.4.8 and 10.4.9, but since my update to 10.4.10 the ethernet stop works. The driver loads but when I set automatic DHCP , a strange IP like 169.XXX.XXX APPEARS, and internet don´t connect. I try automatic ip too, but without success. Somebody can help me?
  13. nsGUI works with iwi3945? Anybody can post it for download?
  14. I am trying to make driver Ethernet Broadcom 440X works in OSX 10.4.10. Already I tried all solutions found over insanelymac, also to substitute kext older. Current driver finds the ethernet but in the AUTOMATIC DHCP it shows a strange IP like 169.xxx.xxx.xxx Somebody can help me?
  15. I have been test last iwi3945 version, but not sucess. The .dmg installs, reboots ok, but network selector don´t find anything...