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  1. Audio Issues

    nevermind, got it to work. Now I have everything fully fuctional Yay for a fully fuctional hackintosh and a great thanks to all the developers, helpers, suporters and patrons who made this all possible.
  2. Audio Issues

    Alright, I managed to get my network.internet working after a long enough time. However, My audio isn't working the way I would wish. Its not picking up my front port mic like it should. I can hear myself talking into it but as far as using it as an input device such as mic on skype or anything else, its very very faint. Any ideas? My Hardware is a realtek ALC883 Any ideas on an aproch to replace voodoHDA since it wont work properly or get it to work right, Thanks in advanced.
  3. do you have AHCI enabled in bios?
  4. Help with network/ethernet

    ok I got it working but still no internet, It says that eth0 has a self assigned ip adress and will not be able to connect to the internet. What now? I am directly connected to my cable modem FYI which uses DHCP but it doesn't work, tried all options and even did a manual config with all my connection info. (IP adress, subnet, DNS severs) and it said i was connected but would never load anything. Is it a possibility I should try a new kext? And if so whats recomended?
  5. Alright, well today I had a sucessful install of Snow leopard on an Emachines ET181 I got as a gift. Its stock with the exception of an added Evga 9800GTX. Everything installed and worked wonderfully without a hitch including the graphics card. However, the ethernet/network has been giving me some issues. Its reconised as the following on Windows 7 Realtek RTL8102E/RTL8103E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) Any ideas on what would make it work? Thank you and keep up the great work, I know you guys work hard and probably play even harder. Oh Fyi the distro I used was IAtkos S3 v2
  6. Introduce yourself.

    Hello there, My name is Umbre. Visited this site once before awhile back but forgot my username. Anyway its great to see that you all are still hard at work making one of the best operating systems even more fuctional to thouse who do not/can not own a real mac. Thanks for all your hard work and keep up the great work.